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(l-r) Jerelean and Clifford Lattimore, Pastor Gerald Prentice, Marcella Folks DECEASED MINISTERS and COMPANIONS
Mt. Airy Church Practices
ALLEN, Michael; 61; exhorter; JACKSON, Luereather; 93;
Tennessee; Vonnell Allen ordained minister; Florida;
Missional Ministry
(wife) Eleanor Franklin (niece)
BALLARD, Donald Lee; 68; KNOWLES, Clifton E.; 87;
ordained bishop; Indiana; ordained bishop; Tennessee;
MT. AIRY, Penn.—Allen and because there was no long-dis-
Delores Ballard (wife) Barbara Knowles (wife)
Carol Nelson are not members of tance service in the hospital room,
the Church of God. But when Pastor Prentice placed calls to the
BRITTAIN, Larry Allen; 67; LOFTIS, William C.; 88;
the 34-year-old daughter of this Nelsons on his cell phone so
ordained bishop; North Caroli- ordained bishop; North Caroli-
Cleveland, Tennessee, couple Melody could speak with her par-
na; Inez Brittain (wife) na; Sadie Loftis (wife)
was diagnosed with terminal ents. On one occasion, Melody
CATON, Joseph P.; 80; MILLER, Robert Earl; 77;
cancer, the Nelsons contacted said, “Mom, when Sister Latti-
ordained minister; North Car- ordained minister; Alabama;
the Church of God International more lays her hands on me and
olina; Janice Caton (wife) Dorothy Miller (wife)
Offices to be referred to a pastor prays along with her husband, I
in Mt. Airy, Pennsylvania, where feel the Holy Ghost so strong in CRISP, Ottis Matthew; 88; PARMER, Andrew Hansel; 81;
their daughter lived. The Nelsons my body and spirit.” Not only did exhorter; North Carolina; ordained bishop; Georgia;
were referred to the Mt. Airy peo- Ruby Crisp (wife) Martha Parmer (wife)
Pastor Gerald ple pray with
FIELDS, Freddie Walter; 70;
Prentice and the Melody, but they
PINKLEY, Fred Carl; 95;
ordained bishop; South Caroli-
Mt. Airy Church of also spent hours
ordained minister; California;
na; Jacqueline Fields (wife)
God. Four persons with her, reading
Charles Pinkley (son)
from the Mt. Airy the Word of God GRIZZLE, Ronnie Winfred; 48; RAMSEY, Robert F.; 80;
Church (Pastor and just being exhorter; Georgia; Tammy ordained minister; Alabama;
Gerald Prentice, there. Grizzle (wife) Da-Marie Ramsey (wife)
Clifford and Jere- When Melody
lean Lattimore, Nelson Stamey
HINES, Lucille; 84; ordained RODRIGUEZ, Ursula; 77;
and Marcella
went to be with
minister; Ohio; Alma Young ordained minister; Puerto Rico;
Folks) responded Christ on Septem-
(sister) Victor Rodriguez (son)
with immediate ber 5, 2008, she
HOWELL, Chadrick Swain; 32; SALSGIVER, Denise Regina; 51;
and continued care for Melody knew that not only did her heav-
exhorter; Mississippi; Rhonda exhorter; Ohio; Don Salsgiver
Nelson Stamey through her ill- enly Father love her, but she had
Howell (wife) (husband)
ness and homegoing. also been loved unconditionally
“There were no questions by the family of God through the
HUNTER, Ernest Carlton; 84; TUCKER, Bobby Frank; 80;
about denomination or race [the networking missional ministry of
ordained bishop; Georgia; ordained bishop; Florida;
Nelsons are Caucasian, and the the Church of God International
Errie Hunter (wife) Christopher L. Tucker (son)
Mt. Airy pastor and congregation Offices and the Mt. Airy Church
are African-American],” said Carol of God. Dr. James E. Cossey, edi- services every day, and it is mission, and trust, I felt this story
Nelson. “Who we were or where tor in chief, in deciding to print impossible to report on each of clearly depicts this emphasis and
we were from did not matter to this story, stated: “We do not them. However, since General was worthy of publication. Our
them. They placed Melody on normally do pastoral profile sto- Overseer Culpepper is placing sympathies go to the Nelson
their prayer list, and when the ries in the Evangel because thou- specific emphasis on missional family, and our appreciation to
pastor couldn’t visit, the members sands of Church of God pastors ministry with special concentra- Pastor Prentice and the Mt. Airy
did.” On numerous occasions, perform extraordinary ministry tions on prayer, the Great Com- Church of God.”
EVANGEL • APR 2009 29
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