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Prayer Changes Your Pastor
Prayer changes the level of his strength. changes a person from being a spectator■ BY FLOYD D. CAREY
You drain the energy of individuals by to being an active participator—a work-
HEN YOU PRAY for your not giving them attention, by not affirm- ing, active partner with the pastor. This
pastor, God’s plan of ing their value, and by not building their increases his productivity.
partnership is set in self-esteem. You increase the energy of Prayer changes the dynamics of his min-
motion. The ministry of individuals through identification, under- istry. The ministry of Moses was drastical-
the church becomes priority one, and standing, moral support, and acts of ly changed when individuals accepted
there is a dynamic flow of faith and ener- kindness. A recent survey indicated that leadership responsibilities. The ministry
gy. Four specific things happen when you pastors often feel isolated, misunder- of the apostles was changed when layper-
pray for your pastor. Observe closely the stood, lonely, and that superhuman sons joined in and started looking after
factors that take place. Purpose to join demands are placed on them. When you some of the business functions of the
your pastor as a partner in ministry pray for the pastor you affirm his value, church. When you pray for the pastor it
through prayer and teamwork. you recognize his contributions, you changes the dynamics of his ministry.
Prayer changes the influence of his call- advance his vision, and his level of There is a spirit of loyalty, respect, opti-
ing. How are individuals influenced by strength is increased. He is able to face mism, gratitude, accountability, depend-
the pastor’s calling? Paul wrote to Timo- his assignment with assurance, confi- ability, perseverance, stewardship, and
thy, “But thou hast fully known my doc- dence, and physical strength. This serving. The church changes through
trine, manner of life, purpose, faith, long- increases his preaching power. prayer because the people change. When
suffering, charity, patience, persecutions, Prayer changes the scope of his support. the people change, the pastor is able to
afflictions” (2 Timothy 3:10). The lifestyle Most church members are spectators, not shepherd and lead with vision, freedom,
of the pastor does influence and make an participators. Paul said, “I always pray and companionship. Planning skills are
impact. But the greatest influence of his with joy because of your partnership in increased, and the people and the pastor
calling takes place when you pray for the gospel from the first day until now” come together in partnership.
him. Why? Because you get inside his (Philippians 1:4-5, NIV). Through prayer
calling, you accept it, you identify with it, you become a partner with the pastor in
and it becomes a part of you. Prayer lets ministry. The functions of the church are Floyd D. Carey serves as
you see and feel God’s plans for the viewed differently. Ministry becomes our church growth consultant for
church from the pastor’s perspective. work, not just his—our mission, our the Church of God.
This increases his potential. goals, our harvest, our plans. Prayer
24 EVANGEL • APR 2009
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