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• Revivals
Quest for Trust movement with a strong emphasis on
• Soulwinning
In a commitment of solidarity with revival, evangelistic fervor, and the min-
• Evangelists conferences
the International Executive Committee in istries of the Holy Spirit within the local
• Planting 300 churches across our
the Quest for Trust, the Evangelism and church, the Evangelism and Home Mis-
932 districts in the USA and
Home Missions leadership team, Evange- sions Department develops, promotes,
lism Board, and state/regional evangelism and implements these ministries and pro-
directors have covenanted together to grams, which strike at the very heart of
• Second-mile churches “going the
practice . . . the work of the church.
extra mile”
• Integrity
• Resourcing and strengthening local
• Honesty
Jimmy D. Smith serves as
• Openness
director of the Church of God
• Senior adult ministries
• A humble, Christlike spirit and attitude.
Department of Evangelism and
• Jail and prison ministries
Just as the Church of God has always
Home Missions.
• Native American ministries. been known as a preaching, praying
by Anthony Braswell
Honey, I’m PREGNANT!
ONEY, I’M PREGNANT! ministry I have had the privilege of walking commitment to share God’s life-changing
I’ll never forget those life- through. This year has been an incredible love. He has a passion for communicating to
changing words that my year. We have outgrown our facility and people with creativity and relevance while
wife uttered to me over moved into another one, which has allowed empowering others to be more effective in
eight years ago. It’s amazing. At that us to double our attendance in three the areas where God has called them. Prior
moment you automatically dream of months. We have to planting the North-
giving birth to a wonderful baby that placed a greater park Church, he served
never cries, is an all-star athlete, makes emphasis on children’s as the state youth and
great decisions every day, loves God, ministry and hired a full- Christian education
and grows up to win the Nobel Peace time children’s pastor. director in Arkansas. He
Prize. Then you wake up to the reality of God has been faithful also served over nine
late-night feedings, dirty diapers, tod- and granted us victory years as the youth pas-
dlers who are into everything, and kids over huge mountains. tor of UTURN, the stu-
who push the limits at every turn. Don’t As with parenting, the dent ministry of the
get me wrong. I love being a parent, challenges continue, Tanglewood Church of
and I wouldn’t trade those things for the but with every chal- God in Kinston, North
world, except for the dirty diapers! But lenge comes an incredi- Carolina. His greatest
there are also very difficult times. ble win. One thing God has taught me love is his wife, Mary Ann, and his greatest
Church planting is no different. At through this experience—in every mountain joys are his two kids, Blaire (8) and Micah
the moment God births that vision in I encounter, He is simply setting the stage (5). His greatest weaknesses are PlayStation
your heart to plant a life-giving church, to reveal His glory. and the magnetic force of the neon “Hot
you dream of greatness. Then you wake Doughnuts Now” sign at Krispy Kreme.
up to the reality of late-night feedings Anthony Braswell is the founding pastor of
and a lot of dirty diapers. Church plant- Northpark Church, an exciting new communi-
Contact information: E-mail: pastoranthony
ing is the hardest thing I have ever done ty of faith in Raleigh, North Carolina. Believing; Web site:
in my life, but it is the greatest door of that “every soul matters to God,” it is his
EVANGEL • APR 2009 11
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