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Vision With a
by Robert
D. McCall
“Dentro del crecimiento eclesiástico, la visión ed leaders. Of such leaders he says, “A their home. On June 21, 2001, they
del pastor es la columna vertebral, ya que sin leader must have purpose, conviction, joined the Church of God as a new
ésta nada de lo demàs funciona.” * vision, passion, inspiration, and influ- church plant in the city of Harrison, New
—Pastor Byron Straube, Newark, New Jersey ence. The primary characteristic of a Jersey. From this simple beginning Pas-
leader is that he or she has the ability to tors Byron and Rosa Straube committed
* “In church growth, the vision of the pastor influence others through inspiration, gen- themselves to multiply pastors and
is the backbone/spinal cord, because without erated by a passion, motivated by a church plants.
it nothing else functions.” —Byron Straube vision, born out of a conviction, pro- By the end of their first year of min-
duced by a purpose.” istry, more than 100 were meeting for
ROM A GROUP of six meeting in Such vision, passion, and leadership worship and training. With a vision to
his home in 2001, Pastor Byron led him and his family to intentionally start more family cell groups and the
Straube’s vision, passion, and build a solid ministry foundation for growing need for trained workers to lead
leadership have formed the Ministerio Bethel Internacional (Interna- those groups, the Straubes established a
“backbone and spinal cord” of a ministry tional Bethel Ministry). In February 2001, School for Leaders to train and equip
touching thousands of souls in New Jer- responding to a specific call from the their growing membership to lead their
sey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Lord, they started a family cell group in own family cell groups.
and Rhode Island, plus Peru, Ecuador,
and Costa Rica.
Pastor Straube ministers
His personal encounter with Jesus at an International Bethel
Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1994 set
Ministry retreat.
his soul ablaze with a passion and vision
to reach the lost. As a native of Honduras
in Central America, having arrived in the
U.S.A. in 1988, he saw a ripe harvest
among the poorest and most vulnerable
of his fellow Hispanic immigrants.
Training Leaders and
Birthing Churches
Pastor Straube is a prime example
of our mother/daughter church-planting
strategy for his leadership in starting
more than 20 new congregations from
his home congregation in Newark,
New Jersey.
The moving force behind this growth
is his personal pastoral leadership, vision,
and passion invested in the lives of select-
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