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C. Scherz
The People of a Wide and High Country
Respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ
N THE HIGH, sun-drenched Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, is home Very few churches exist among them,
plateau, fields of teff moved to the strong and hardworking people of and Christian missionaries have been
in the wind in waves of the Selale-Oromo tribe. When we visited murdered there in the past.
bluish green. The rainy sea- there in late October, the whole area pre- But in this high country of northern
son was past, and the farmers were wait- sented a picture of pastoral beauty and Ethiopia, God has opened hearts and
ing for the sun to ripen the teff, a grain productive, though archaic, farming doors for the good news of the Gospel!
unique to the highlands of Ethiopia and activity, with small herds of cattle, sheep, Through the initiative of Church of God
the staple food for millions of its people. and donkeys grazing contentedly on pas- World Missions to reach the yet
Barley, an earlier crop, had turned a tures between the fields of grain. unreached people groups of the world,
whitish gold and was being harvested. However, the tranquil scene belied evangelists of the Harvest Church of God
On some fields, teams of oxen already the fact that among the Selale only a very of Ethiopia have been enabled to intro-
were being coaxed to pull simple plows few know the peace of sins forgiven or duce the Selale to Jesus Christ, the Good
through the stubble to bring up the the power of God that brings to their Shepherd. Despite initial resistance and
brown soil and ready it for receiving the lives healing and deliverance. Many of even persecution, 22 Church of God con-
seed of yet another harvest. this largely unreached tribal group are gregations have been established among
This high country, about 10,000 feet troubled by the overuse of alcohol, low the Selale-Oromo within the last four
above sea level and 80 miles north of moral standards, and frequent fights. years. Some of the churches are located in
villages down in the deep valley of the
Blue Nile, some on top of the high
Roland Vaughan, Jorge Girón, and I
had come from Addis Ababa together
with Hiruy Tsige, the national adminis-
trative bishop of the Harvest Church of
God in Ethiopia, to witness a water bap-
tism outside the small farming town of
Darodanisa, some 13 miles west of
Kuyou, the administrative center of this
district. To get to Darodanisa we had to
travel over open pasture, ford small
creeks, and, finally, in the village, make
our way through hundreds, if not thou-
sands, of cattle that had been brought
there ostensibly for trading and veteri-
nary treatment.
A congregation of festively dressed
church people awaited us in the simple
Dr. Roland Vaughan speaks during
church building on the outskirts of the
a service at the Darodanisa church
village—some mothers with their babies
bundled on their backs and several young
22 EVANGEL • APR 2009
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