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Strengthening New Believers
In addition to specific family cell
group leadership training, regular retreats
were held to strengthen new believers for
effective Christian living and the growth
of their spiritual life. In addition, those
believers were empowered to witness and
were given resources to build up and firm-
ly establish faith in other new converts.
Following the same model, in 2004,
the International Bethel Ministry moth-
ered its first church plant in the city of
New Brunswick, New Jersey. At the begin-
ning of 2005, they mothered two more
new churches. To date they have estab-
lished 20 churches as a result of the per-
sonal vision, passion, and leadership of
Pastor Straube, who has truly been the
“backbone and spinal cord” that sustains
and directs this vast ministry.
To maintain consistency in planting,
conserving, and developing new churches
according to the cell ministry model, the
Straubes have trained additional pastoral
couples who serve with them and make
up the ministry leadership team of the
Pastors Byron and Rosa
International Bethel Ministry.
Straube; (below) Inter-
national Bethel Ministry
Putting Vision Into Action
church in Newark, NJ
Other resources of International
Bethel Ministry include a magazine,
manger,’ but in His time God himself will
Visión en Acción, plus a 100-acre camp-
lift you up and honor you before multi-
ground and retreat center with a large
tudes. The only permanent thing is pur-
auditorium. In addition, the ministry has
pose; everything else is temporary, but
a fully equipped audio/video studio to
your purpose comes from God.”
extend the ministry vision.
Pastor Byron Straube insists the pas-
To the leaders into whom they pour
tor’s personal vision, purpose, and leader-
their lives, Pastor Straube says: “Purpose
ship must be the backbone and spinal
is the original intent from which some-
cord of a thriving and healthy church,
thing was created, the original motiva- prophet to the nations’ [1:5, NIV]. Eph-
and that is the basis of his church-growth
tion that existed before something was esians 1:4 tells us, ‘He chose us in him
created. The truth is that my future has before the creation of the world’ [NIV].”
already been created in God’s mind. Pastor Straube also reminds the lead-
NOTE: Ministerio Bethel Internacional is
According to Isaiah 46:9-10, when God ers: “Your purpose is the seed of your
led by Pastors Byron and Rosa Straube
starts something, it is the proof that He final outcome. God starts you where you
from their church facilities at 78-90 Penn-
has completed it. The fact that you were must begin, and He knows the ministry
sylvania Avenue in Newark, New Jersey.
born is evidence that God has already fin- He has for you. For example, you dream
ished what you are about to start. God of having a congregation of 50,000 mem-
Robert D. McCall serves as
told Jeremiah, ‘Before I formed you in the bers, but God starts you off with a group
administrative coordinator of
womb I knew you, before you were born of three or five in a home. Remember,
the Department of Evangelism
I set you apart; I appointed you as a every leader begins ‘hidden away in a
and Home Missions.
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