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Software Review
Permissions are handled
well with the campaign
owner or administrator
controlling all aspects of
who edits as opposed to
just viewing a campaign.
ria from between operators, and gives room for more ly have to try out one of the AppExchange extensions
lengthy queries using the basic AND/OR/NOT like ShareOffice rather than rely on standard func-
Boolean operators. tionality.
There’s a dedupe option on import which works on The vendor boasts of its flexibility in customisation
exact (though not case-sensitive) matching and you but in reality the built-in options are basic configura-
can find and dupe out duplicate accounts; the latter’s tion changes such as you would find any decent sales
merging tool works well within the b2b hierarchy, packages, whether installed or on-demand. You can
but otherwise there’s little in the way of data man- edit the names of existing fields, tabs and other
agement as standard. AppExchange is the place to objects and, most usefully, add new fields to the con-
look for extensions to handle addressing, deduping, tact database.
migration and so forth. Integration and connectivity is better, with stan-
The mass email tools are again basic, letting you dard connectors available to link through to external
select and send to a list either manually or via a SAP and Oracle systems. You can also link directly to
scheduled campaign, with the campaign status Excel and other Office apps to pull data to and from
recorded in the database. You can track when an them. With a full API plus various other standard and
email was first opened and report on a couple of proprietary ways of connecting to the platform, plug-
other metrics, but the 1000 emails per day limit ging it into in-house applications is certainly do-able.
blows away any pretensions that salesforce has to be Reporting springs no surprises, with the usual
a credible email marketing tool. Excel-style bar and pie charts. It works well enough,
Using the pre-integrated AdWords functions, you with a selection of standard reports and you can shuf-
can construct a simple Google AdWord advert and fle the variables around,
check that it’s compliant, before setting the mini- or add your own. Reports Cost and specification
mum bid level, the maximum daily spend, and releas- can be built into stan-
As an on-demand application, salesforce
ing the advert to the Google system. The good part is dard-style dashboards,
should run with any standard browser. There
that you then get a new field to your customer and used as the main
is a range of price packages and options, and
records that enables you to see if a new customer was part of a user home page.
some effort is needed to find the one that fits.
a AdWord generated lead plus you can then drill The online tutorials and
It comes in at least five editions with varying
down further to see which AdWord the customer support (especially with
levels of marketing and other functionality; the
responded too. the most expensive pack-
two top-priced versions are the most popular.
Salesforce offers some basic tools for storing and ages) are excellent, with
For example, full email campaign management
disseminating collateral and emailing reports to other the comprehensive PDF
only appears in these two editions.
users, but for full asset management, collaborative user manual running to
working and a plausible proofing solution, you’d real- over 1800 pages. Database Marketing February 2009 39
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