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Diploma renewal

NEBOSH HAS been chosen to provide an accredited


level qualifi cation for new Health and Safety Executive inspectors, with the NEBOSH Diploma in Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety renewed after an ‘open and competitive’ re- tender process. The diploma has

been offered since

2013, and will be offered for another three years now, with 130 inspectors and 40 specialists having achieved the qualifi cation in fi ve years. For more information, visit

Award winner THE FIT

out manufacturer

Morland won the Process Efficiency award from the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) at its BWF Awards ceremony,

for its

work designing the Forever Firecheck intumescent strip for fi re doors. The strip’s design ‘eradicated the need for plastic’, and its wrapping technology means strips can be fi tted at 25m per minute, compared to 8m per minute for ‘traditional’ methods. Visit for more information

Student victory

A STUDENT from Loughborough University has won the 2018 SE Controls Prize for achieving the ‘best overall performance’ on the MSc course in low carbon building design and modelling.

The company

created the award to commend ‘outstanding performance’ on the course, with Nikoleta Kokaraki winning the 2018 instalment and receiving a certifi cate from group managing director Will Perkins.


more information on the

course, visit www.

Kentec installs protection at listed site

GRADE I listed Granary Court in Norfolk has seen Kentec’s ‘sophisticated’ addressable fi re alarm panel installed to protect staff, residents and the property. The two storey medieval granary and

cottage, converted into offi ce space and meeting rooms, was constructed of fl int and stone dressings with a plain and pantile roof. As a result of this and its listed nature, the installation ‘required a solution sensitive’ to its age and construction, that was also ‘reliable’ and ‘trusted to protect’ the site. Kentec’s single loop Syncro


addressable fi re panel was supplied, installed and commissioned by East Coast Fire & Security, alongside Apollo XP95 detection devices,

addressable beacon sounder

bases, optical smoke detectors, heat sensors, multi criteria sensors, manual call points and ‘intelligent’ input/output units. In turn, the system was connected to an alarm receiving centre for constant monitoring. Simon Hubbard, director of East Coast

Fire & Security, stated: ‘The Syncro AS panel is simple to install, which is useful for a project of this complexity, but more importantly, it is also very easy for the customer to operate. The project was challenging because of the age of the building and because it involved working alongside other specialist contractors. Kentec provided invaluable support to both ourselves and the customer, and the result is a project that is a great success.’

FireAngel agrees housing partnerships

PARTNERSHIPS HAVE been agreed with three ‘high profi le’ housing associations across Scotland, and will provide more than 17,000 properties with alarms. After the Scottish government recently announced it would be making legislative changes relating to fi re safety,


stated that it has secured three partnerships with Queens Cross Housing Association, Caledonia Housing Association and River Clyde Housing Association. The fi rst two chose FireAngel alarms through the Scottish procurement for housing (PFH) scheme, while the third selected FireAngel ‘to help meet these new regulations’. All homes will now require sealed long

life battery or mains wired alarms that are interlinked, as well as one functioning smoke alarm in the room ‘frequently used’ by occupants during the day. One functioning smoke alarm is also required in every circulation space on every fl oor, such as halls and landings, as well as one heat alarm in every kitchen. Finally, a carbon monoxide alarm will be needed to be

fi tted in each room that has a carbon fuelled appliance or fl ue. As part of the installations, combinations of the company’s Specifi cation range of mains powered alarms and Wi-Safe 2 battery powered units were chosen to ‘give greater fl exibility to ensure each property achieves constant compliance’. This would come through the use of the interlinked alarms installed in kitchens, hallways, landings and living rooms, as well as FireAngel’s remote monitoring

platform, FireAngel Connect,

with alarms to be installed throughout 2019. James King, trade business unit director

for FireAngel, commented: ‘Following the legislative changes that will come into place in March 2019, FireAngel is extremely proud to be working closely with such prestigious housing associations throughout Scotland. The FireAngel range of battery and mains alarms provides a fl exible and affordable solution for housing associations to not only comply with upcoming regulations, but

also provide its tenants highest level of protection.’ with the



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