NEWS Trade New valve

JOHNSON CONTROLS has launched the TYCO DV- 5A deluge valve, which it claims offers ‘advanced, streamlined features’, well

as as ‘higher pressure

rating and lower pressure drop’ for ‘added power and effi ciency’. The valve also has a higher pressure rating of up to 300 psi and a reduced footprint, alongside an

integrated alarm port

which eliminates a check valve in pre action systems. For more information, visit www.johnsoncontrols. com

Board appointed

IN NOVEMBER, the European Association for Passive Fire Protection (EAPFP) launched a new business strategy and appointed a new board of principal offi cers. Miroslav Smolka of the Slovak Association for Passive Fire Protection was appointed as president for the next two years, while Niall Rowan of the Association for Specialist Fire Protection took over as

vice president. Andrew

Taylor and Kees Both were also appointed as new technical offi cers. Please visit to fi nd out more

50th anniversary



November 2018, having been


business in

by present managing director Brian Jenkins.


1968 It

originally focused on alarm annunciation and alarm solutions for shipping, moving into the fi re sector and innovating linear heat detection cables in the 1970s, before moving into specialised detection such as aspirating smoke and thermal imaging fi re detection. For more,


Whitesales restructures business

THE BUSINESS split into two separate entities on 1 January, with the daylighting business continuing to trade as Whitesales Ltd, but the smoke and access business as Sertus Ltd. This announcement was made at the

start of December 2018, with the original Whitesales Ltd splitting into the two units at the start of 2019; though both will continue to trade under the Whitesales Group alongside Ryno Ltd. Companies would need to set Sertus Ltd up as a new supplier alongside Whitesales Ltd to ‘facilitate [the] on-going supply of smoke and access products’, while Whitesales Ltd details should not be changed if daylighting products are still to be supplied.

The group stated that any outstanding

quotes for smoke and access products would ‘be honoured on our existing terms’, with recommendations to get in touch with Sertus or Whitesales regardless. The same was expressed regarding orders and invoices, with the companies ‘doing everything we can to make this step forwards as smooth as possible’. It concluded by noting that ‘our teams

in Whitesales and Sertus are working together on this and are all set to help you with any questions you might have’, and thanked customers ‘for your continued custom – it is sincerely appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to work with you’

Aico hires specification managers

IN SCOTLAND, the company appointed three regional specifi cation managers to provide ‘national coverage and support’. Krys Wallace, Tony Boyle and David respectively cover

Richmond will the

North, West and East, providing national coverage and support for social landlords and electrical contractors, and deliver the company’s CPD accredited expert installer training – a free of charge modular scheme for domestic alarm specification and installation. All have a ‘diverse background’ and

bring ‘relevant experience and bags of enthusiasm’. Their appointments come as part of an expansion and restructuring of the RSM team nationwide, with Aico now having 18 covering the whole UK. Mr Boyle stated: ‘I’ve been fi tting Aico

alarms for years and have always been impressed by the quality of the product, so feel very confi dent talking about it. ‘There’s a lot to learn in this new role though and I’m building relationships with

Aico’s customer base, which is


I have over



landlords to meet, but I’ve made a good start. Every day is different and brings new challenges, which I really enjoy.’ Mr

Richmond commented: ‘I

appreciate the chance to manage my own time and workload. It’s a very customer driven business and I have spent my fi rst months getting an intensive introduction to those customers and appraising how best I can support them. I’ve also been given precious time with back offi ce support, who do an incredible job.’



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