Hypnobirthing - Your Birth Journey

Hypnobirthing is just for hippies right? Wrong! Hypnobirthing is for anyone wanting to feel calm and positive about their baby’s birth.

So what’s it all about? Hypnobirthing is learning simple techniques that you practice and store in your “toolbox” which you can draw upon during labour and birth. The techniques focus on relaxation and breathing as well as switching off the conscious side of the brain (the thinking side). The more you practice the better you become. We are the only species that can doubt its capacity to give birth. Animals instinctively give birth somewhere private and secluded on their own away from danger and it generally happens during the night. They have no preconceived ideas about birth therefore they’re unable to fear it.

If you go into labour feeling fearful the body releases the stress hormone adrenaline causing it to feel more painful. It’s not helpful that the media in general love tales of woe regarding labour and by far the most influential aspect of modern day living has to be television and social media. When was the last time a birth was shown on one of the soap operas that did not present the labouring woman as being in acute agony? Let’s just say that it doesn’t have to be that way! By learning to change your mindset using hypnobirthing techniques, you’re able to go into labour feeling calm and excited to meet your baby.

A positive birth does not have to be ‘Natural’ or ‘Drug Free’. It simply has to be informed from a place of positivity as opposed to fear. We certainly put a lot of trust in our bodies to grow our babies, so why not put the same trust in our bodies to birth our babies? Your body is perfectly designed to do the job. Evolution hasn’t changed when it comes to birthing our babies, it’s our minds that have!

So if you’re feeling apprehensive about your birth after friends bombarding you with horror stories or from what you’ve seen in the media, or you had a traumatic first labour and you’re praying it doesn’t turn out the same way again, then start your hypnobirthing journey today and learn the life changing tools needed for a confident calm birth. Who doesn’t want to be a part of one of the best kept secrets, when it comes to giving birth?

Author, Charlotte Rollinson, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, My birth journey, Tel. 07795 154037

Editor, Helen McClorry, Babies on board Magazine. 6

“Hypnobirthing was invaluable for me. My birth didn’t go to plan but the techniques I learnt meant I wasn’t scared and both me and my baby kept calm throughout. The midwife even commented that she wished everyone did hypnobirthing”.

A unique approach to Hypnobirthing using The Wise Hippo birthing

programme to help you achieve the right birth on the day.

Currently offering group classes and 1:1 private sessions in Berkhamsted and surrounding areas.

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