Bubble and bubble and bubble and pop! 1-2-3, Don’t let the bubbling stop!

Bubbles are so much fun! Look at those big mesmerised eyes as the bubbles cascade all around, high and low floating gently wherever they go!

Children just LOVE bubbles – whether it is indoors in the bath, or outdoors on a sunny day!

Why not try some of these bubble fun ideas....?

Put some watered down paint in a bowl, give your child a straw and blow! Supervise children, and tell them not to suck! When you have plenty of bubbles place a piece of paper over the bowl and remove it to see the bubbly art! Why not try layering up colours for older children?

Give younger children a plastic cup and see if they can catch bubbles in their cup..? Try a bucket..?

instantly like we do at Tiny Acorns music classes…?

Swish and swoosh lots of washing up liquid in a bowl and drop different sized items from various heights and see how far those bubbles fly and float.

Put bubbles in your hands and clap them. Now try with your feet or ‘high fiving’ your little one.

Using a plastic high ball tumbler race to see who can blow bubbles in soapy water and reach the top of the tumbler first!

Make lots of soapy bubbles, and see how much of your body you can cover before the bubbles start popping!

Fill a bowl or bucket with bubbly water - Who can pop all the bubbles the fastest?

Just remember never leave children unattended around liquid or bowls of water.

Now put your feet up with a glass of bubbles for yourself!

Author, Laura Anderson-Smith, Founder and Director, Tiny Acorns Ltd, Tel: 07949 086259,

Email: Editor, Helen McClorry, Babies on board Magazine.

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