Ten Ways to Soothe Your Baby

The first year of motherhood can be tricky… As a new mum, you are tired and learning so much and so quickly about your baby and how they react to certain things so it can also be frustrating! Not knowing what to do when your baby is crying is one of the hardest things – they can’t tell you what they need, so you have to go through a mental check list of what could be the problem.

Once you’ve tried changing their nappy, giving them a feed, checked their temperature and you know they aren’t poorly, but they are still crying… What could it be?

Here are our Top Ten ways to comfort and soothe your baby:

1. Give them a cuddle. Sometimes that’s all they need, a bit of skin to skin and mummy love!

2. Sing a song… If you have a favourite lullaby or nursery rhyme you like to sing together, this can calm them down. Try swaying and moving to the sounds of the song too.

3. Distraction. A change of toy to play or interact with helps to distract their frustration.

4. Talk in a calm soothing voice. Your baby can recognise when you are feeling stressed, so try and remain clam.

5. Perhaps they are teething? Give your baby something safe to chew on like a Halia Rose teething necklace. Super stylish for mum to wear and made of non-toxic, BPA free silicone they are safe for baby too. Plus as you’ll be wearing it all the time, then you’ll always have something on hand to soothe baby.

6. A comforter or soft fabric snuggle toy can soothe baby through touch. Sometimes just a different texture can be all it takes.

7. A change of scenery can sometimes help, so even if you are staying at home, move from the lounge, to the kitchen, upstairs… explaining to baby what happens in each room as you go. Or stand at a window and chat about the weather, and what you see outside. If it’s sunny, have a stroll in the garden.

8. Try a little massage… If you think their crying may be related to trapped wind, try gentle circular movement around your baby’s tummy button in a clockwise movement.

9. Swap!… Sometimes passing your baby to another adult can make all the difference, especially if you’re starting to feel anxious and tense. A different smell, different fabric texture. A change is also a good rest for you!

10. Go out for a walk…the rocking movement of a pram or baby carrier can calm baby and may even send them off to sleep.

Author, Sarah Cooke, Halia Rose, Editor, Helen McClorry, Babies on board Magazine.

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