Ten Reasons to come to Pilates with Helen

While Pregnant: 1. Lateral Breathing – An effective technique which is fundamental to Pilates, but also useful during early labour, or indeed any potentially stressful situation which requires a calming influence.

2. We work to improve muscular strength AND endurance, so that your muscles can support your changing body AND so that these muscles can function STRONGER for LONGER during labour.

3. Pelvic Floor Strength and Control – Hormonal changes, plus the weight of your baby can weaken your pelvic floor muscles. I teach safe pelvic floor exercises in class, and recommend exercises to do at home too. We also discuss how to relax the pelvic floor, which is often overlooked.

4. Circulation and Digestion – Exercise during pregnancy is recommended to prevent excessive swelling (e.g. ankles) and stimulates digestion which can help reflux and heartburn in expectant mums.

5. Make Friends with other Expectant Mums – My classes are massively social! We work hard, but we chat, joke and debate ANYTHING to do with pregnancy too!

After Your Six Week Check:

1. Get out of the House and Make New Friends - Bring your little one to a group where it doesn’t matter if they cry, sleep, need feeding, need a nappy change… Whatever happens we just roll with it, and you are never left to feel alone.

2. Gentle introduction back into exercise – Low impact exercises that are effective yet safe for your post-natal body.

3. Improve your Posture – Pregnancy followed by carrying children (and all the associated items!) takes its toll on how we hold ourselves, but practising Pilates regularly realigns the body, especially the back, shoulders and the abdomen, which instantly makes us appear longer and leaner. What’s not to love about that…?

4. Regain Pelvic Floor Strength and Control – It doesn’t quite feel how it used to, does it? Even if you had a C-section, you still need to get back onto those Pelvic Floor exercises asap.

5. Strengthen that Back – The muscles in your stomach are still very weak, and your relaxin hormone levels are still very high. Day to day your back will overwork and be prone to pain, so it is essential that you strengthen the back before long term issues set in. Even before you are ready to work the stomach muscles again, you can work on the deep abdominal muscles which can lessen incidences of back pain.

All of our venues have private car parks just for us, right outside. Classes run rain or shine (and we even have fans for super hot days!). If you miss a class, there is always the chance to make it up at one of my other local classes so you don’t lose your money.

Author, Helen McClorry, Pre & Post Natal Pilates Instructor, Mum of Two, Tel. 07833511720 or email


Author, Helen McClorry, Pre & Postnatal Pilates Instructor, Flirty Fitness – Pilates with Helen,

Tel 07833511720 VIsit

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