Hilti The new and improved DGH 150 offers additional benefits to its

predecessor, enabling faster and more efficient grinding on concrete, mortar and tiles. The most notable difference between the previous version and the

DGH 150 is the removal of the power conditioner, meaning it’s smaller, weighs less and allows electrical testing to be carried out easier after each hire. Improved ergonomics, including a redesigned head grip, also propel this tool into a higher league – optimised specifically with control and comfort in mind. Whether it’s used to roughen concrete or remove paint, adhesive or

epoxy, the dust-resistant brushless motor helps the grinder to last up to 10x longer than conventional motors – reducing maintenance

repairs and the risk of downtime. Not only is it reliable, but it gets the job done faster too, delivering up to 100% higher removal rate than angle grinders by providing the torque needed for tough applications. Combined with dedicated cup wheels and an integrated dust hood,

the DGH 150 offers maximum performance whilst being virtually dust- free when used with a Hilti vacuum.

Trelawny Trelawny has introduced some changes and improvements to its range of TFP Floor

Scarifiers and TCG Concrete Grinders, ready to launch this summer as part of its continual improvement program. The changes include a new rear mounted starter box enclosure and plug location,

offering greater protection from accidental damage, while a new handle-mounted push button system with isolation safety switch makes starting and operating the machines even easier than before. New lifting points have also been added to improve safety and to assist moving machines into location around sites. A fresh new look and colour scheme has also been introduced, with a heavy-duty vinyl

wrap system allowing Trelawny to offer bespoke branded machines to OEM customers and hire companies requiring their own corporate branding. This also allows customers to place further info onto their machines and either use it for information purposes or to upsell additional products/services. QR codes also feature prominently on the new designs, linking directly to training guides and additional info that is useful to both operators and hirers.

Company HSC has become the sole distributor of the Von Arx FR200 Genus range of floor scarifiers. Von Arx is not a new name to the tool hire industry and was originally founded in 1941 in Switzerland. The company invented the first scarifier “The Original” and since change of ownership manufacturing is still located in Europe with the latest FR200 Genus range maintaining its core values of quality and performance. The FR200 Genus range boasts low

hand-arm vibrations, at just 3.6m/s2. They are available in 110 volt and 240 volt coupled with a three year limited warranty and a Honda petrol powered version with a two Year limited warranty is also available. With a 1500W motor fitted to the 110

Volt model, it can be operated using a standard 5 kVA power tool rated transformer, which is an added bonus. Hire Supply

Altrad Belle Designed to provide contractors with the features and performance

they need, the 900 and 1200 Pro series power trowels provide improved operator comfort and easy control, while smooth running helps to achieve a high quality finish. The machinery is designed for continuous use on large floors, with

an advanced drive belt supplying constant power. Other highlight features include screw-adjusted pitch control, an engine cut out that brings the machinery to a safe stop, a comfort bar to cushion the operator’s hip and a ‘dead man’ safety lever. Chrome plated rings make for easy cleaning and a central lifting point aids transportation. The Pro 900 and1200 trowels are delivered with combination

blades, while sliding ring guards are available on the 1200 unit only. Lastly, there is a two-year warranty on gearboxes.

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