changes in the soil structure, so we want to elevate the training to levels where we can introduce different strata or materials

‘‘ ’’ The telehandler is one of 23 different machines simulated by Tenstar - just a few of them pictured to the right. MIGHTY REAL

Tenstar Simulation AB, with offices in the UK, produces and supplies equipment that can be used to train in the operation of construction machinery – all within the safety of a thrillingly lifelike digital environment.


enstar equipment is a big hit wherever it’s displayed, regularly causing queues

at tradeshows with people eager to test their skills or try their hand at driving large vehicles without the attendant financial or personal risks. This is not to say that the Tenstar system is anything other than a serious tool, as the machinery simulated is accurately modelled using real-world parameters, sounds and controls.

The kit itself comprises a computer running the software and a trio of high-definition screens, displaying both the machine being driven and a variety of digital jobsites. Operators sit on an air cushioned seat that is attached to a platform that moves and vibrates as the vehicle trundles across uneven ground. The interface employs robust OEM joysticks, pedals and steering wheels – each precisely tailored to suit the vehicle used – and the system is also compatible with the latest 2D/3D machine control systems. With all of that and an insatiable curiosity in mind, I sought out UK Area Sales Manager, Simon Hogg. We start with a brief overview of the company and its aims:

“Tenstar was formed in Tanumshede on the west coast of Sweden 12 years ago,” begins Simon. “The owner of the company Freddy Lund was initially working on a machine control system which dominated in the Scandinavian market. He saw an opportunity to help plug the skills gap, because too few operators and apprentices were coming into construction. So he formed this company with just a tracked 360 excavator initially. We now simulate 23 different machines.

“Most of what we produce is the software. However, it’s incredible how quickly this has changed. A good example is the recent introduction of virtual reality and wearable headsets – year-on year, the product you see today is almost unrecognisable.”

The Tenstar system is certainly eye-catching – especially in motion and particularly in the hotseat – but how is it used?

“It is designed primarily as a training tool for novices, but it also includes a screening component for more experienced operators,” explains Simon. “If a contractor wants a quick demonstration of competence, it can be used for that. It can also be used to train on attachments and other devices – it could be a tiltrotator or a particular bucket, a slew control and even GPS control systems.

“We were lucky enough to win a tender with the CITB five years ago. They bought six

A good operator would recognise

UK Area Sales Manager, Simon Hogg, makes it look easy.

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