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Hello, As I write we are in the midst of a ‘Pingdemic’, the supermarket shelves are starting to look a little threadbare and the dreaded lurgy is determined to spoil our holiday plans. Happily, hire businesses and manufacturers are seemingly flat out – notwithstanding logistical headaches in a few instances, I haven’t spoken to a single person who wasn’t run off their feet fulfilling orders that were coming in thickly and quickly. Back to this edition, and we lead with major news about the return of Executive Hire Roadshows and the latest developments for EHS 2022. Features-wise, we take a look at ladder safety testing, we delve into the world of digital training and the leaders of national hire companies air their views in the first of a two-part feature. There’s a lot more besides, so let’s get right to it…

Andy Contents 2 Latest News

Industry movements, the latest products and the return of Executive Hire Roadshows. It’s all here, and more.

14 Heads Up

Jeff Schofield speaks with the leaders of national hire companies, and gauges their views about the current state of the hire sector. Essential reading.

16 All Credit to the Business

Adam Bernstein returns with a look at credit scores and what the implications are for hire companies.

18 Raring to Go

SANY is a brand new exhibitor for EHS 2022. Andy travels to Coatbridge for a tour of its brand new UK & Ireland HQ.

20 Mighty Real

The Tenstar Simulation system digitally trains in the safe operation of construction machinery. You’ll definitely want a go.

22 Tall Tales

The Test & Research Centre evaluates ladders, platforms and other non-powered access products. Not all of them make the grade.

24 Moving Forward

The owner of Moore Equipment Hire has held senior positions at the biggest hirers, but is now doing his own thing. We hear about his journey.

28 Site Welfare

Shorn of the usual introduction, we aggregate the latest and best site cabins and accoutrements.

30 Surface Preparation

In our second selection, we look at kit that scabbbles, flattens and otherwise prepares surfaces as required.

32 Offhire

Roy wonders if the old ways are gone forever, or whether he’s just a fossil in the modern age.





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