‘‘ The relationships we

have with our suppliers since the beginning will not change as far as I’m concerned. They

have entrusted us, at a risk, and I am indebted to them

heating, cooling, lighting, drying, survey and ATEX.


“From a supply point of view, HSC, Hilti and MHM have been an integral part since we set up the business. The relationships we have with our suppliers will not change as far as I’m concerned. They have entrusted us, at a risk, and I am indebted to them.

“As we’ve grown we’ve added other specialisms, such as powered access, tracked dumpers, excavators and we do a ridiculous amount of concreting equipment – such as high frequency pokers, magic screeds, bunyan strikers, powerfloats, big blues and all the concrete kit our customers need. Some of it went against the grain, initially, but you’ve got to be in it to win it, so we invested.

“In terms of further acquisitions, we are looking to increase our powered access fleet, we’re reviewing our first HGV, and I’m

Moore Equipment Hire is easily spotted, with a trio of JCB lifts parked outside.

in conversation with Trime and MHM at the moment regarding further investment in more lighting towers, generators and battery- powered and hybrid equipment.”

Elsewhere, Stan maintains a diverse fleet, perhaps as a result of his time at the nationals. Most of the prominent suppliers are represented, including Hilti, HSC and MHM as mentioned, but also Makita, Wacker Neuson, Belle, Kubota, JCB, Trime, Stihl, Seddons and Stephill… you get the picture. Meanwhile, the warehouse was well stocked on my arrival – another of Stan’s preferences – with seasonal items kept under sheets, a strict order maintained in

terms of the racking, and the whole lot of it in sparkling, as-new condition. As I entered the warehouse, one of his team could be seen not just cleaning a returned tool, but polishing it!

“We’re always managing the stock so that it’s readily available,” adds Stan. “With all that’s been happening with Brexit and COVID, some of our suppliers were running low. However, I work heavily on the hire desk, which also gives you a good feeling for what’s coming and where the gaps might occur, and we bought heavily before it became a problem.”

How is current trading?

“It’s been very buoyant,” says Stan. “This is primarily through our account customers, but also through DIY business, which increased significantly from last April and has continued since. We invested in the equipment needed for domestic projects and the utilisation has been very good.”

Finally, with five years successfully completed, what will the next five bring?

‘‘ I learned a long time ago that there’s no

point chasing customers who wreck your kit, dispute bills and don’t pay

Some smaller items from the Moore Equipment Hire range - spick and span, just like the rest of the fleet. ’’

“We are enjoying year on year growth since year one, with a strong portfolio of loyal customers with healthy order books. We plan to continue to grow our market share whilst controlling costs and ensuring our service levels exceed our customer expectations. If this can be achieved, I'll be a happy man!" n

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