A small sample of the lighting range - spick and span, just like the rest of the Moore fleet.

Moore Equipment Hire is just a single, modestly sized depot right now, but running it must be quite different to the senior positions held at the biggest companies in hire. After all of that, doesn’t Stan not miss the cut and thrust of the corporate world?

“I’m much happier in this position,” he answers. “I like to think that we treat all customers the same, whether it’s a small deal or a £10,000+ order – every customer deserves the respect and the support, and that’s what we strive to do. Yes, it’s a smaller business, but it’s run the way we want it. We don’t have shareholders to please and we don’t have to worry about operating on a national scale. We come here in the morning, we have great fun doing our work, and we can go home to enjoy our private lives at the end of the day.”

But, having operated on a national level, does Stan have ambitions to expand his current empire?

“No,” he answers, quickly. “The plan from the beginning was to keep substantial stocks

and deliver big volumes from here. We won’t be building a chain of depots nationwide, but we will work from this location and strive to be the strongest providers we can be, with all staff, equipment and vehicles under one roof. We currently have six frontline delivery vehicles and will happily expand this further if required.”

And when the company first started, did Stan’s background mean he was able to hit the ground running?

“We secured the premises, but none of the offices were built. So we had the building to sort and set everything up from scratch. BT were also three months late installing our landlines so everything was done from an iPhone, which was a pain at the time. We were up and running in about four months which was pleasing albeit a lot of hard work.

“We started rolling in the stock in the meantime, dealing with many suppliers who I’d known for the last 30+ years. We initially invested about £150K on kit, and we grew it from there. Basically, everything we’ve done

in the last five years has been reinvested in new equipment.”

Fair enough. A question about business, then. Grangemouth is a hive of heavy industry, to put it mildly. What sort of customers does Moore Equipment Hire have?

“We have clients in construction, civil, groundwork, petrochemical, retail and facilities management,” says Stan. “In fairness, we try to be selective in who we deal with. I learned a long time ago that there’s no point chasing customers who wreck your kit, dispute bills and don’t pay. We’d much rather provide a quality service to the right sort of customers. We have over 160 live accounts, so I think that’s quite decent for an independent business.”

So what about the equipment they use – what’s in the Moore fleet?

"We stock a wide range of product including power tools, generators, power distribution, compaction, concreting equipment, access,

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