Site Welfare - Market Report

Pickerings A Pickerings Prima modular building is the perfect choice with layouts

that could include large open plan canteen area for all site workers, separate changing room as well as toilets and showers. Pickerings modular buildings are available to hire, buy or lease purchase, and can be installed as single, double or triple storeys. Site complexes often include offices and meeting rooms in the

overall building design or supplied as a separate building from the welfare facilities. The Pickerings Prima modular building range offers excellent heat

and sound insulation; Passive Infra-Red controlled lighting; door closers to exterior doors; thermostatically controlled heaters with timers; excellent heat and sound insulation; can be expanded or minimised at any time; gas filled double glazed tilt and turn windows; multi-locking windows and doors.

The Pickerings Prima modular building is available nationwide and

can be supplied, delivered and installed on site within weeks.

Wernick To meet the demands of the larger construction sites, Wernick’s ‘SureGuard’ range can

be configured to combine office, storage and welfare spaces in a single linked complex. Its anti-vandal portable accommodation cabins are enclosed in high-security steel,

providing a secure working environment for on-site operatives. All units are fitted with heavy-duty locks and window shutters that are designed to deter even the most determined intruders. Meanwhile, internal features include white vinyl faced plasterboard walls and high ceilings to promote a feeling of space. All SureGuard units can be stacked to three storeys, placed side-by-side and linked

via corridors, as required. In other variations, its ‘Greenspace’ cabins are packed with energy-saving features and achieve an EPC Rating of ‘B’, whilst the ‘Fireguard’ version of the units achieves a fire-rating of ‘A’.

Makita Site welfare is not just about cabins and shelters,

when other equipment also contributes to general wellbeing. To this end, the Makita Job Site Bluetooth and DAB+ radio is an ideal on-site companion that is compatible with the company’s LXT and CXT batteries. The radio can access both DAB and DAB+ radio

stations, as well as Bluetooth, which can play audio from a mobile device up to ten meters away. The radio is built to withstand the demands of site work and features elastomer bumpers to help withstand knocks and rough handling. The robust IP65-rated design also protects it from dust and rain showers. The AC adaptor allows for quick connection when there isn’t a battery on hand, and the USB output port can also be used to charge mobile phones on site.

Mobile Mini Mobile Mini static welfare units have been purposely built for remote locations and

sites without electricity or water connections. These versatile units come in 20ft x 9ft or 26ft x 10ft and are completely self-contained, designed to fulfil the needs of staff throughout a project. Suitable for construction sites or any area of confined space, these units eliminate the need for individual canteens, toilet blocks and drying rooms by consolidating a comfortable, convenient and spacious all-in-one solution. Mobile Mini

static welfare units are full steel and anti-vandal construction, ensuring safety and security. Every unit is fully insulated and supplied with water and waste tanks, noise-reduced diesel generators, vinyl floor covering, lighting, electrics, heating and water heaters, with an additional office for larger units. An energy-saving range with additional eco-friendly features is also available.

August 2021 - Executive Hire News 29

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