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A lot of UK companies that might not have

touched us before are now starting to pay attention and are approaching us for more information. So it’s exciting times!

SANY UK & Ireland HQ, with a selection of pristine machinery. Business is brisk, so they probably weren't in the yard for very long. ’’ RARING TO GO

SANY Heavy Industry is China’s largest, and the world’s fourth biggest engineering machinery manufacturer. The company has just opened a new HQ for the UK and Ireland. Andy went to take a look.

ANY UK & Ireland is busy at the moment; its machinery finding favour,

sales spiking upwards and a brand new headquarters to the east of Glasgow, which is ideally located for the Central Belt, the M74 and all points beyond.

SANY itself dates back to 1986 and a business called ‘Hunan Lianyuan Welding

Material Factory’ in Lianyuan, China. The current name followed in 1991 and by 2003 ‘SANY Heavy Machinery Co.’ had launched excavators and piling rigs. The company later added wheeled loaders to its roster, although excavators will provide the mainstay in the UK initially – those ranging from micros to machines over 50 tonnes.

The new depot had yet to open on the day of my visit, but new equipment was coming in and out of yard and the order book was apparently bulging. Such an industrious scene was certainly gratifying, but what is the size and shape of the company in the UK? Scotland General Manager Lyle Sibbald picks up the story:

SANY machinery looks great from any angle.

“We registered SANY Heavy Machinery UK Ltd in April 2020,” he begins. “Within the last 12 months we have developed a full network, with 11 dealers across the UK and Ireland. We have since taken on our very first premises in Coatbridge. This is to sell excavators and look after customers in Scotland, where we have a direct sales route, but we also support our entire UK dealer network from this depot.

“There are 15 of us here at the moment, including Product Manager Vincent Sheng and technical specialist Joe Hu from the Chinese factory. Any customer feedback or technical requests go straight back to head office and receive an instant response. Eventually we’ll have a team of six or seven people over from China, all to be based in Scotland.”

The global pandemic doesn’t seem to have slowed the company down, but has product development moved at the same pace?

“Our machines are known to be good value, very tough and reliable, and we tailor our products to suit the UK market. Over in China, they are operating machines remotely through 5G and they have autonomous dump trucks. Later this year we’ll have a 1.6 tonne electric excavator, which will be a huge thing for us. However, it is just the start of our electric machinery in the UK.

“We only supply excavators right now, but we have loading shovels coming next, then piling rigs after that. SANY’s philosophy is to start with one product line, focus on getting

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