Market Report - Surface Preparation Flat out

Equipment that grinds, flattens and prepares concrete surfaces has many forms and functions. In our concise round-up we look at the latest and best products.

Husqvarna Husqvarna Construction has reaffirmed its commitment to developing its range of battery-driven

products with the introduction of the BV 30i screed. Powered by cells from the company’s established battery system, the BV 30i offers users the

convenience of cordless operation as well as the durability and performance of Husqvarna products. Two battery models offer a high power to weight ratio, all-weather operation, fast charging and active cooling. In addition to how it’s powered, the BV 30i delivers clear ergonomic and sustainability benefits right from day one. It is cordless and lightweight, operates with low vibrations and because it does not emit direct exhaust fumes, it contributes to a less harmful working environment.

Atlas Copco These compact scabblers and needle scalers are ready to help users clean and roughen

concrete surfaces, keying the surface of construction joints and even for ornamental finishes on concrete surfaces. Needle scalers are perfect for cleaning concrete before reworking it. Made of light but robust materials, the scabblers are equipped with tungsten carbide tipped pistons, and all models have three pistons mounted in line. Meanwhile, the TEX 03 PS and TEX 05 P hammers are light enough even for overhead work and help operators get in close behind pillars and under stairs when doing renovation work. Thanks to ‘Sofstart’, users can keep the chisel point where they want it and the two-step trigger helps out with first critical cuts.

Preparation Group PPC200 Electric Planer 110v is ideal for use by less

experienced operatives, being lightweight, easily manoeuvred and simple to use. Constructed from 6mm steel for long life, it meets high standards in terms of power. There are no complicated controls – just a simple start/stop button and drum lowering lever. Accurate height adjustment is possible and the machine is supplied with a complete drum of TCT flails. When attached to a 3 motor vac it offers dust and pollution control. The PPC200 is suitable for profiling,

reducing and removal of a wide range of products, such as chippings, plastic debris, thermoplastic line removal and surface contaminants, plus creating anti-slip profiles, steel de- scaling and grooving and profiling a range of surfaces.

Makita The PC5001C 125MM concrete planer features a powerful 1400W motor,

current limiter for added motor protection and electronic speed control to maintain the speed under load. The top handle and front and base rollers promote

ease of use, and the soft-start function is an added benefit. The tool is equipped with anti-restart to prevent it from being started accidentally after it has been switched off and left plugged in to the power source. A cloth dust bag and carry case are

also included, and Makita suggests this machine is used with one of its M-Class dust extractors, which can be connected to the dust extraction port to protect the operator from hazardous dust. The 125mm offset diamond wheels are constructed to tackle the toughest of areas, ideal for removing graffiti and cleaning up concrete casts and seams. Select between a segmented grinding head for rougher course applications, or a continuous rim grinding head for finer finishing applications.

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