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l One+All (previously Rowlinson Knitwear) has made it onto B Corporation’s Best for the World 2021 list for how it treats its workers. Donald Moore, chair of One+All, says this is a fantastic endorsement. l ArtSystems has joined the British print association BPIF to promote good recycling practice within the wide format print community and to support resellers and end-users in understanding and embracing the new BPIF Display and POS 2 Recycling Scheme. l Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced the UK/ EMEA availability of its 566 Series of Digital Imaging Inks, designed specifically for use in Oki Colorpainter M-64 LCIS Digital Printers using Oki WX IP6 inks. l Lycra and HeiQ have collaborated to bring to market a textile which combines HeiQ freshness and anti-viral benefits with the quality and comfort of stretch fabrics certified to perform with a new Lycra freshFX technology brand standard. l Grahame Gardner has started an exclusive UK partnership with Portuguese footwear brand WOCK, which designs innovative footwear for professionals in the medical and healthcare industries, and will offer customers a range of machine washable shoes that have comfort at their core. l HP has been announced as the official printing partner for the Ocean Decade Exhibition, a global display of creativity that aims to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean and inspire greater knowledge and conservation around it. l Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced that its technical service group has qualified the first direct to garment printed T shirt in the G7 methodology of colour control for grey balance. DTG is the newest category for G7 qualifications by IDEAlliance. l CMYUK has announced the launch of its Creatives in Residence Live programme, giving two young surface designers and one talented videographer an outstanding opportunity to undertake a six-month placement at CMYUK’s advanced digital training and demonstration facility in Shrewsbury. The programme starts on September 5.

Vantage Apparel acquires majority stake in Lynka


op 40 US supplier, Vantage Apparel has acquired a majority stake in the European corporate apparel supplier Lynka.

This acquisition will make Vantage the largest global supplier and decorator of corporate apparel – offering its decoration services world-wide.

At the same time, Lynka’s co-owners, Berendsohn of Hamburg fully exited the business on July 21, and will continue as a key customer of Lynka.

Known for its well-stocked multi-brand wholesale apparel and merchandise, Lynka will add to its existing portfolio Vantage’s core product assortment; making way for global uniform programs which have been growing markets for the two companies over the last five years.

Lynka’s leadership will remain intact with founder and shareholder John Lynch, a New Jersey native, at the helm as president; leading the over 250-member team in Poland, which services customers across 25 countries in Europe including the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, CEE and further afar. Lynka ships decorated apparel anywhere in Europe in as little as three to 10 business days.

Ira Neaman, CEO of Vantage Apparel, and John Lynch, president, Lynka

Mr Lynch said: “I have personally known Vantage for well over a decade. Whenever we shared war stories over the years, Ira and I always agreed that Vantage and Lynka are remarkably similar companies – our unique one-stop-shop solution, our top-notch decoration, and in particular, our approach to business including our core values. I can’t imagine a better partner than Vantage for the future.” Like Vantage, Lynka is known for its award-winning embellishment, having won more awards for decoration than any other European apparel company. It is one of the very few WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified apparel manufacturers in Europe – insuring safe, compliant and environmentally friendly practices.

New warehousing and direct dispatch services from The Cotton Textile Company


o far in 2021, The Cotton Textile Company has doubled its warehouse capacity and increased its decoration facilities.

The creation of a new division called The Garment Company has seen Graham Green and Caroline Fryd lead and increase TCTC’s UK decorating and direct dispatch facilities. Kirsty Small, the new marketing manager, has refreshed the company’s marketing and digital profile. The team has also benefited from its first apprentice, Freddie Foster, learning vital trade skills for the future. Sales director, Richard King, said: “It’s amazing to see how our team has stood up to the challenges of the last year, diversifying and creating solutions for our clients to help them through their challenges and seizing opportunities at the same time.” Head of production and operations, Sam

| 14 | September 2021

The Cotton Textile Company team

Webb, added: “Our team is spread across many locations: Essex, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Turkey and, so the need for remote working over the last year or so was not a new challenge for us. There are several reasons we have continued to operate over this period, and the strength of our team was primary.”

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