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Gildan publishes 2019 Genuine Responsibility ESG report


Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report. The 2019 ESG report showcases Gildan’s approach and commitment to ESG, including highlights of the company’s 2019 results, key priorities, and future commitments towards achieving its vision of Making Apparel Better.

In 2019, the company continued to focus on making progress towards fulfilling its 2020 goals centred around three Genuine Responsibility pillars: Caring for People, Conserving the Environment, and Creating Stronger Communities.

Claudia Sandoval, vice president, corporate citizenship, said: “I am pleased to present our newest ESG report. Our strategy of owning and operating our facilities has given us the ability to provide rewarding jobs, safe and healthy work environments, and the capability to implement innovative environmental solutions in our operations while continuously improving the lives of our neighbouring

ildan Activewear has released its 16th

communities. Even more so during these uncertain times, our vertical integration enables us to minimise disruption in our supply chain and allows us to leverage our manufacturing excellence to adapt our business to this changing environment.” In July 2019, Gildan’s Social Compliance Program was reaccredited by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) for the second time after becoming the first basic activewear apparel manufacturer to receive this accreditation in 2007. The reaccreditation comes after an extensive two-year review of the company’s practices and policies that are in place to ensure fair labour practices across its global supply chain. Highlights from the report include: ● In 2019, 96% of Gildan workers were represented by formal Health and Safety committees. The company provided almost 2.5 million hours of training to its employees and invested $13.9 million in supplemental benefits. ● Gildan also continued to strengthen its focus on women empowerment by continuing to roll-out various training

New Nazdar 565 Series inks available from QPS


uality Print Services will be offering the newly-

announced Nazdar 565 Series inkjet inks to its UK customers.

The new Nazdar 565 Series of inks has been designed specifically for use in Oki Colorpainter M-64s inkjet printers using Oki SX IP6 inks.

Nazdar 565 Series' Plug-n-Play capabilities allow users of Oki M-64s printers running SX IP6 inks to change to Nazdar 565 Series ink without the need to flush. Due to the complete chemical and colour compatibility of the two ink sets, original pouches can be replaced with Nazdar 565 Series pouches as they run out, rather than all colours at the initial install. This saves both time and money, as there is no need to perform wasteful ink fill procedures or dispose of unused ink. Available in CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta and grey, the Nazdar 565 Series ink range is ideal for commonly used graphics substrates including banner material, flexible and pressure-sensitive vinyl, blue back paper and backed mesh. The inks deliver consistent and reliable print performance, even at high-speed print modes.

Nazdar 565 Series of inks

In addition to the colour vibrancy provided as standard with Nazdar inks – which are manufactured in the UK and USA – the new 565 Series inks offer excellent performance on outdoor graphics and are resistant to UV degradation and colour fade. Nazdar inkjet inks are also backed by the best warranty in the business, covering the entire ink train.

opportunities to uplift women in the workplace at all levels of the organisation and by strengthening its relationship with partners. ● Gildan achieved two of its 2020 targets early related to water intensity and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which represented an 11.2% and 13.0% reduction from their 2015 baseline, respectively. ● In 2019, 44% of total energy use at Gildan was powered by renewable resources, an area which will continue to remain a large focus for Gildan in the coming years. ● In 2019, over 3,700 local suppliers in Latin America and Bangladesh benefited from the company’s presence in the region, and over $260 million worth of materials were purchased by Gildan from these suppliers. ● Gildan renewed its partnership with Room to Read to help improve girls’ education and literacy and promote gender equality in Bangladesh. In 2019, Gildan’s donations to community causes amounted to approximately $1.5 million towards creating sustainable local impacts.


nominated as UN sustainability and climate leader

he United Nations has nominated AMANN as one of its 50 sustainability and climate leaders, representing the textile industry.

In light of this, the UN has produced a short film for AMANN, illustrating the particular commitment of the thread manufacturer to sustainability and climate protection.

AMANN is aware of the need for greater sustainability in the textile industry and is pioneering ways to effect positive changes across the industry. Hence, AMANN entered into the UN’s Global Compact at the beginning of 2019.

Sewing thread is used in across numerous industries and can be found in all kinds of products. However, each year

approximately 92 million tons of textile waste is generated around the globe, of which only a small percentage is effectively recycled, the rest is burnt or sent to landfill.

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