Coronavirus News

Boston Industrial Solutions introduces face mask printing machine


nk manufacturing technology company, Boston Industrial Solutions introduces the Volta S150 screen printer machine – a revolutionary one-colour tabletop screen printing machine for printing face masks.

This machine is also perfect for printing T shirt neck care labels, uniforms, underwear, denim material, denim trouser pockets, denim waistbands and other garments. The Volta S150 prints vibrant, high opacity, and crisp images. Screen printing with the S150 is superior to pad printing because of the ability to print true white images on dark substrates at extremely low costs. This one-colour tabletop screen printing machine is perfect for both start-ups and heavy-duty industrial textile printing operations. The Volta S150 tagless printer is not only great for printing on T shirt


Furlough scheme comes to a close

he government’s

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will come to an end

on Saturday, October 31, despite the Treasury Select Committee warning that the coronavirus crisis risks mass long-term

unemployment and viable firms could go under without support. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously said that extending the furlough scheme past October would only keep people in ‘suspended animation’. In October, the government will pay 60% of wages up to a cap of £1,875 for the hours an employee is on furlough. Employers will pay ER NICs and pension contributions and top up employees’ wages to ensure they receive 80% of their wages up to a cap of £2,500, for the time they are furloughed.

Employers will be paid a £1,000 Job Retention Bonus for every employee who they previously claimed for under the furlough scheme, who remains

continuously employed through to January 31, 2021.

It is estimated that 695,000 UK workers have disappeared from the payrolls of British companies since March when the coronavirus lockdown began. The

unemployment rate grew to 4.1% in the three months to July, compared with 3.9% previously.

| 16 | October 2020

care labels and face masks, but it is also perfect for printing on flat promotional products and industrial parts. This machine features: ● Max printing area is 4x4in. ● Part height 4.2in. ● Printing speed is 1,600 to 1,800 parts per hour.

● Automatic and semi-automatic modes.

● Rapid job change. ● Single and multi-pass printing capable.

● Fully featured, high reliable pneumatic components.

● Easy set up/ tool-less setup for quick job changeover.

● Screen clean up mode. ● A simple PLC touch screen control panel.

● An adjustable x-y fixture holder table, and variable inking – two features that are a first in screen printing.

Volta S150 screen printing machine

● Print frequency controls which allow the operator to regulate print opacity, quality, and speed.

● Space saving (compact design), and much more.

Dominion Print launches new bespoke branded face mask business


radford-based Dominion Print has launched a new service supplying protective face masks with bespoke branding for businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors. The company has created the Let’s Face It range of reusable coverings which are designed to specification by Dominion’s creative team and manufactured at its factory in Yorkshire. Well established as a multi-format design and print supplier, Dominion has invested in specialist production resources and product development to focus on performance and material quality, including optional single or double one-way air vents, enabling clients to provide their staff and

L-R: Simon Nevison, Byron Fox, Verity Clark and Chris Brien of Dominion Print

customers with machine washable branded wear which offers long-lasting use. Dominion believes that its in-house UK manufacturing will give Let’s Face It a competitive advantage through stricter quality control and reduced lead times compared to rival suppliers which outsource production and import their products.

Having carried out market research in a variety of sectors, Dominion has concluded that durability is a priority for many potential clients seeking to procure protective wear.

Snap Products launches 24-hour express service on customised face masks


nap Products has increased its production of dye sublimation printed face masks in response to customer demand.

The increased capacity and state-of-the-art production

facilities, combined with a large UK stock holding, means a 24-hour express service is now available.

All products are branded in-house, ensuring speed of service and high-quality print finish. This offering is an addition to the hundreds of product lines Snap

Products offers on a 24 to three- day express service.

Orders for 24-hour express full colour face masks are available up to 250 units and the order must be received by 11am, no sign off is required. A cost is applicable for this express service. Helen Dyl, operations director, said: “We are known for our express lead times and if there is demand for a product, we will create capacity to meet demand. This is a great addition to our 24-hour service that we offer on hundreds of items.”

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