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Kornit Digital establishes UK operation K

industry’s largest market in the EMEA region. By focusing the company’s resources on supporting digital print fulfillers and brands in optimising their end-to-end operations, this move reflects Kornit’s commitment to streamlining its logistics operation and ensuring a closer relationship with its customers. Investing in a UK-based organisation will empower Kornit to address the growing need for sustainable on-demand production, and reflects the brand’s strategy of enabling proximity production. Kornit will be able to further support customers locally with resources to deliver services and value directly, with fewer logistical hurdles and personnel attuned to the challenges and demands of that region.

ornit Digital has announced the creation of a new Kornit Digital UK entity, devoted exclusively to serving the United Kingdom market, the


Online retail sales in the UK nearly doubled from 2013 to 2019, reaching more than £76 billion last year – making it the third-biggest e-commerce market globally (following China and the United States). Chris Govier, Kornit Digital managing director, EMEA, said:

“We’ve seen substantial growth in the United Kingdom in recent years and owe a great deal of success to our partners. “A dedicated UK distribution hub will ensure faster and more efficient service to our growing customer base, maximising our customers’ uptime and productivity, and we look forward to building upon our success as the pre-eminent provider of digital print technologies to this largest of European markets.” The reseller agreement with Adelco has been terminated, and Kornit will assume all these customer relationships directly. Kornit will maintain its strong partnership with Amaya, which has established a considerable footprint as a textile print solutions provider to the British textile decoration community.

“Looking ahead, we believe that we are at one of the most exciting times in our company’s history, as the mega trends in our industry have accelerated the transition to digital textile production where we are in a position to benefit.

“For Kornit, we believe this inflection point will drive a v-shaped recovery in the business as we help brands and strategic partners quickly adopt agile, digital, and sustainable on-demand textile manufacturing.” Guy Avidan, chief financial officer, added: “We are very excited by the huge opportunity we see in the market that has resulted in an unprecedented pipeline and very good visibility. The team is highly engaged with new customers as well as strategic partners’ system implementations that will not only drive system revenue over the coming quarters but will also create long-term demand for ink and services. As we head into the back of 2020, we are focused on a strong finish to the year and committed to profitability for fiscal 2020.”


EverythingBranded founder launches new business venture during lockdown

aul Rowlett, the founder of EverythingBranded, has launched a new business venture during lockdown.

EverythingPrinted is a digital printing company that caters to the B2C market.

The new venture will offer the option to order products printed with a personalised design in quantities starting from just one unit, with same day dispatch available on many items in the range.

The new business will be based at EverythingBranded's head office in Leicester, where it will utilise fixed costs to help keep prices low for customers. While some of the work is being handled by the team already in the office, the launch of EverythingPrinted has already seen the hiring of two new marketing staff, with two more hires planned in support roles.

Mr Rowlett said: "My goal was always to move into the B2C market, as it's a natural progression for the Everything brand, however, due to COVID-19 affecting

EverythingBranded so heavily, I made the decision to accelerate the launch of this aligned brand.

FESPA Awards 2020 winners announced


ESPA has announced the winners of this year’s FESPA Awards, its annual celebration of excellence in the global speciality print and visual communications community.

Paul Rowlett of EverythingBranded has launched a new B2C business

"COVID-19 has been horrendous for our UK B2B trade, as the event, trade show, and hospitality sectors were shut down, which make up over 50% of our business. At first, we had to make adjustments to suit demand, however, we got settled and started to see green shoots.” Despite the difficult market conditions, Mr Rowlett is positive about his plans for EverythingPrinted.

The awards are open to print service providers (PSPs) and sign makers looking to highlight outstanding projects. This year’s programme received entries from 27 countries across the 18 categories. The winners were announced during an online ceremony hosted by FESPA’s technical support manager, Graeme Richardson-Locke, in lieu of the live Gala Awards event which would have taken place during this year’s Global Print Expo in Madrid. Christian Duyckaerts, FESPA president, said: “Championing print excellence and promoting the unique power of print is central to FESPA’s mission. With the FESPA Awards, we want to inspire our global community to keep developing fresh ideas and using advances in technology and materials to add new dimensions to the work they produce for customers, as a foundation for continued growth. Judging this work is a privilege because it reminds us that print – in all its many forms and applications – is creative, beautiful and, above all, effective. We extend our congratulations to all our 2020 winners.”

● For the full list of winners visit

October 2020 |5 |

Kornit reports drop in revenue for COVID quarter

evenue for Kornit Digital during the second quarter of 2020 slipped from $45.3m to $37.4m for the same period last year. However, Ronen Samuel, CEO, said: “We are pleased to see strong momentum in the business as customers reopened sites in April and re-engaged in big projects in response to significant demand, particularly in online channels.

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