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Park Bloggin’ By Dr. Jack B. Samuels, M.B.A. – The Fun Doctor Changes on the horizon Marijuana legalisation Marijuana legalisation

In North America at least,Marijuana legalisation will continually impact the market for all entertainment. It will influence employee performance. It will influence the overall safefety in all facilities that we provide to the public. Regardless of coasters and other traditional rides or water sli

es and other active recreations, safefety will be compromised at times s there is more widespread use of the drug. It will also impact the arketing of our services. The restrictions on using it in public might ause more people to engage more frequently in home tertainment rather than going out fofor fun.

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nitially, recreational marijuana use will lead to a shift in the tourism as aficionados might prefer vacationing in locations that have


lega seli d its use. A cruise ship that allows its use or sale in international waters could be on the horizon and would probably see a huge influx of tourists, but we probably won’t see the legal complications of doing this worked out for a while.

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Changes on the horizon As 2019 gets underway

y,, the Fun Doctor offers a few predictions Active recreation parks and mixed park

y, we visited Amazone Cartoon NetworkWaterpark in the Pataya area of Thailand. This park has a rather unique mix of entertainment and water slides. It is also si nifg icant in that it is the first Cartoon Network themed facility and we might see additional licensing of the Cartoon Network stable of characters coming to the attractions industry.

We have discussed active recreational parks combining ropes courses, zip lines r slides, etc. extensively in the past year. y,

Recentl and wate

A variety of shows are staged in an attractive area featuring fofood and drink all day long.Of particular interest was the de oyployment of carnival games in a show type atmosphere with audience participation. This was the first time we’ve seen such use of carnival games t o

more rob adly entertain and yet another good example of what we’ve often discussed as recreational software rather than hardware entert characteristics include relatively easy changeabilityty, l It is probable as competition continues to heat


parks offering all kinds of entertainment under pay-one-price with just limited capacity attractions and activities requiring an additional charge .

The game changer in N w Jerse The game changer in New Jersey

do not call aMall, could be a huge game changer for the first leisure and entertainment facility utilising shopping as a secondary attraction may spur a new wave of development in the attractions business. The Triple Five Companies (also owning Mall of America andWest Edmonton Mall) are already well into planning another such fafacility in theMiami, Florida, area. That should be a huge success there

as well since there has always been a voi o recreationa attractions in the region. Regardless the probable overwhelming success of the American Dream it could spur development of more of these types of facilities in America, which would provide us with a new wave of year-round attractions in the metropolitan areas. We would not be surprised if Disney or other operators enter the market fo type of facility in the foreseeable future. Such facilities would also help promote the more traditional theme parks and other lines of the attractions and entertainment business that are already owned by such companies. If the existing theme park companies don’t jump into this market it is likely that their market will erode as people trade choose to visit less expensive leisure malls rather than pay for the increasing ticket prices at the larger destination parks. The era of the ‘LeisureMall’ that we originally wrote about in the mid-1980s has finall y appeared .

d f , l , for this

Dr. Samuels has written over 250 articles for the amusement,t, theme park and entertainment industries. He provides diverse consulting services in general marketing and market research, facilityty development,t, customer service, safety, crowd, and event management and promotional

fety birthday parties. He can be reached at samuelsj 6 MARC MARCH 20 201 9

Last year we previewed Triple Five Companies’ ‘American Dream’, which should be opening this year in the New JerseyMeadowlands right next to theMet Life (Giants and Jets Football Teams) Stadium. The facility, which the developers rightly fo the attractions ind tus ry T lru y

up in the industry we will see more ower costs, and quick deployment. ainment delivery. Softwtware

Active recreation parks and mixed parks

activities programming such as y,

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