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Picsolve has been pioneering content creation solutions for the travel and leisure, and media and entertainment industries for almost 25 years. CEO David Hockley talks to Park World

Freeze Frame in September 2017. With more than 25 years of experience working in the media, entertainment and technology sectors within the UK, US and Asia-Pacific, he is highly experienced in supporting business expansion into new markets. Picsolve is already experiencing huge international growth in the US and Asia, with 30% revenue growth in 2017, and the company’s core focus is on accelerating this trajectory. It’s been an exciting journey for the company,


says David. “In the early years we worked a lot with outside agencies to understand the market – defined as theme parks and other attractions - and we quickly realised there was a huge photo opportunity. There’s the international/local market, international competition/local competition, and we had to ask ourselves what part of the market we wanted to go after.”

Picsolve’s first customer was Blackpool Pleasure Beach. “The Pleasure Beach is absolutely what a theme park should be about, and we were pleased to provide their ride photography,” says David. Now, as trusted partners in advanced digital technology for brands such as Merlin Entertainment and Dubai Parks and Resorts, Picsolve captures over 250 million amazing moments every year around the world, enabling people to enjoy and share their memories through both digital and print platforms.

aving previously held the role of interim CEO, David was instrumental in the company’s acquisition of US market leader

The company is keen to expand into the water park market too; “The Top 20 water parks attract 20 million visitors a year and if there is not a good photo capture product in place, we can offer it. When you put the tech alongside the retailing experience, that’s when it really comes into its own,” says David.

The growth trajectory “At the moment we need to work more with our partners in China and adapt our digital assets for the Chinese market,” says David. “Working with Merlin Entertainments at their new attractions in Shangahi and Beijing, we are establishing an infrastructure to support growth into these territories. Rob Cowell meanwhile is spearheading growth in existing territories. “We’ve grown in the UK and Europe,

predominantly through Merlin, but we have grown massively elsewhere too. And with the acquisition of the US brand FreezeFrame we have brought in an excellent management team.” Picsolve has started working with San Diego Zoo

and Safari Park “a wonderful brand to be aligned with” in a project that should complete in the first or second quarter of this year. The company has also entered into a five-year

deal with five of Merlin Entertainments’ London attractions. The deal, which has made Picsolve the content capture provider of choice at some of London’s most iconic destinations, includes new wins with DreamWorks Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London and SEA LIFE London Aquarium, and contract extensions with Madame Tussauds London, the Coca-Cola London Eye and The London Dungeon.

Visited by millions of tourists from around the

world each year, these attractions are implementing several of Picsolve’s content capture solutions, including its green screen technology and the Experience Wall – a collection of floor to ceiling HD screens which turn chroma green for a split second while visitors are photographed and post- production effects are applied to the image. In an exclusive partnership with, which David describes as “the future” Picsolve is also set to launch a new version of the Super Selfie at the London attractions in the near future – which takes the stunning backdrop of any destination and combines it with a ‘selfie’ of visitors to create a piece of engaging and highly shareable content. Visitors pose while multiple cameras capture them

and the iconic backdrop from close up and far away. The photos are then stitched together to create a piece of video content that starts with a close-up of the visitors and dramatically zooms out to reveal a panoramic backdrop. “The content is for sharing on social media channels

and increasing visitor engagement. It creates content your visitors wouldn’t be able to capture themselves, creating a lasting attachment to the attraction.” The company’s key focus areas, says David are:

“to have a robust platform, the key features of which can be integrated with our partners’ platforms to improve the experience for guests; and innovative capture technology, this includes the Super Selfie, and the Experience Wall. “We created The Experience Wall when we bought FreezeFrame. A huge high definition wall, you can put any content you like through it. For example, you can have your picture taken with Harry and Meghan; so it’s a photo you can’t take yourself, with unique entertaining content. We are forming part of the experience for our guests to take away and share contact on social media. The memory wants to make them come back.” Before implementing any of this photo capture technology, however, you must first understand the guest, says David. And it’s Picsolve’s ability to do this and provide all the retailing opportunities that go with it,that makes it the number one choice for so many operators.


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