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For almost 30 years, Compagnie des Alpes has operated the biggest ski resorts in the French Alps and some of Europe’s most distinctive leisure parks.

It’s a partnership When choosing which manufacturers to work three major factors are taken into account says general director Jean- Christophe Parent, “the development strategy of the park; the composition of our current attraction portfolio; and the innovative capacity of the purchased attraction. “Today, Walibi undeniably strengthens its image as a

family leisure park. That's why we decided to reinforce this side by investing in products of a more general kind that appeal to a large family audience. We also make sure to invest in an attraction that will fit perfectly into the new world we are creating. This coherence between the attraction and the new world we will place it in is crucial. The most obvious example is the Kiddie Coaster ‘Fun Pilot’ in ‘Fun World’, the new zone dedicated to children. “We also pay attention to the balance in our portfolio

between children's attractions, family attractions and mega coaster. This year, we are focusing on the first two categories. An erratic dark ride ‘Popcorn Revenge’ for the whole family and ‘Fun Pilot’ for the children. Teenagers and young adults will not be forgotten in the near future with the announcement of a mega coaster by 2021. “We also integrate innovative attractions into the park’s

Family fun at Aqualibi

portfolio whenever they display a real added value for the park. In 2016, we introduced Mack's new splashcoaster. Thanks to Pulsar, we gathered a multitude of awards including ‘Attraction of the Year 2016’ which was voted for by the entire industry. A true achievement.” For Jean Christophe, the investment in an attraction is “a

true partnership with our suppliers. That's why we like to be involved in the development of the attraction. We particularly pay attention to the quality that will be delivered to our visitors.”

Jean Christophe offers some examples: “When creating

the Tiki-Waka by Gerstlauer, we wanted to create a ‘Fun Coaster’, that is to say, a ‘thrill’ coaster for families but ‘cool’ enough to attract teenagers. A real success. “This year, we worked on two equally exciting projects.

There will soon be eight ‘Worlds of Walibi’

Alterface's Erratic Dark Ride and Intamin's Mega Coaster. We were involved in both projects. For Alterface, we were closely involved on the media side. For Intamin, the design of the attraction was done in close collaboration with Intamin’s teams and ours.”

What’s new? Each year until 2023, ‘novelties’ will be introduced to the park thanks to Walibi’s large-scale investment plan. By that end date, 75% of the park will be transformed and eight immersive Worlds of Walibi and 10 new attractions will be added to the park’s offer. “This year’s novelties will form a considerate addition to enhance the park’s familial image, proving that Walibi Belgium provides physical sensations for all ages,” says Marc. We are currently re-theming the entire zone around the

‘Cobra’ which will open in the spring of 2019 and will be called ‘Karma World’. In this second ‘World of Walibi’ visitors will discover a vibrant Indian inspired atmosphere. Families will particularly enjoy a ride in ‘Popcorn Revenge’, a Family Popcorn Shooter. Sliding through different old theatre rooms, they will have to shoot the annoying popcorns that are trying to ruin their movie experience. “A beautiful new restaurant ‘Delhi’cious’ will offer Indian

inspired dishes and a sunny terrace with the most magnificent view over the entire park “And as mentioned, ‘Fun World’ which will open in the spring of 2019, will host the new coaster ‘Fun Pilot’, supposed to be the first ride children will discover without assistance from mum or dad.” There are also a number of seasonal events to look

forward to, says Marc “Traditionally, Walibi Belgium offers additional activities for families during Easter Break. For instance, we organise a large-scale egg hunt as well as other fun activities children can enjoy. “We also help students to relax after their exam period

with some special activities right before the Summer Break. “The biggest seasonal event of the year, however, is

Halloween. We host Belgium’s biggest and best (according to 30.000 voters of the Diamond Theme Park Awards 2018) Halloween event, thanks to the seven scare zones, eight haunted houses, four shows and more than 350 monsters. We propose a familial Halloween atmosphere during the day. At night, fear haunts the entire park ; only for real thrill seekers.”

Concluding, Marc says: “Somehow, we got stuck with an image of a theme park that is dedicated to teenagers and young adults. Our biggest challenge is therefore to alter this perception and to convince families with children (youngsters or toddlers) that Walibi is the place to be for a fun day out with the whole family. To counter this ‘teenish’ image, the investment plan is focused on expanding Walibi Belgium’s offer with rides and attractions that satisfy a family audience.”

30 MARCH 2019

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