Park People

The more

we understand what a guest wants to do and what they have done in the past, the more we can enhance their day without being intrusive.

that is not intrusive to the guest experience, but instead complements it.” The guest in general is experiencing all sorts of

changes. We are all looking for ways in which we can go about our daily business, but, perhaps, with less interaction, says Andrew, adding that convenience is key. Citing the uptick in online food deliveries during the pandemic, he explains: “There is now an expectation for elevated conveniences in terms of pre-ordering, pre-scheduling, knowing that we are going to be safe venturing out into the world while still doing the things that we want to do. So, attraction operators should be able to provide those conveniences in the same way the rest of the service industry does for people in everyday life. We have an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of solutions designed to improve the guest experience – solutions which I hope will last long beyond the particular acute crisis we are in right now, leaving a positive mark on our industry as a whole.” He continues: “For me, it is how the technology can

be part of the solution, not the problem. The underlying challenge has always been to anticipate the exciting opportunities that can be brought about by the advent of new technology, and providing that innovation in a way that is inclusive and doesn’t get in the way of the experience. I mean, how unfortunate would it be to be walking around a wonderful theme park with exciting IP elements and have your guest just staring at a phone the whole time? Those points of technology-driven guest contact have to be presented in such a way that really helps enhance the flow, the excitement and the experience without being the obvious centre of the experience itself.”

Personalising the experience accesso is guided by its clients and by the modern consumer’s expectations. “Our focus on partnership and true, long-term conversations with our clients helps us to deliver solutions that are effective now, during COVID-19, and beyond. Some guests like to pre-plan every aspect of their day, while others are more impulse- driven; as a technology provider, we have to be able to respond to both. “Feeding into the importance of an offer’s relevance

and availability, we have invested greatly in data analytic products to identify what a guest is anticipating, leveraging those insights in constructive ways to present them with the very best opportunities at exactly the right


time. When you are presenting contextual opportunities to a guest, those opportunities need to be personalised, relevant and timely. The more we understand what a guest wants to do and what they have done in the past, the more we can enhance their day without being intrusive. “As we emerge from COVID, our company is very

focused on helping our industry recover financially,” he continues. “So, anything we can do to stimulate in-park spend, heightening an operator’s value proposition while delighting the guest, is extremely important.”

Why accesso? “Our solutions are pre-eminent in the ecommerce space, and our business grew out of a product based on virtual queueing, a technology that really springs to the fore at the moment. Our patented accesso LoQueue virtual queuing solution has driven that space for the past couple of decades; with the introduction of accesso Prism, we were the first to bring to market a device that frees guests of physical lines. And, with the accesso 100% Virtual Queuing model, we’ve now been the first to support operators in offering the formerly premium add-on to all guests. We’ve saved guests billions of minutes of waiting time over the course of the last 20 years and we have done so in a way that allows operators to maintain a premium add-on revenue stream while opening up other tiered, no-cost solutions. We can now completely replace physical queues with virtual queues, backed by a massive breadth of experience our company has built up along the way. “There is a whole range of opportunities and pricing

structures for operators to explore, from allowing guests to buy into a premium service to enabling every single guest at an attraction to arrive and queue virtually at select rides, and it’s important that you can configure these offerings in a way that will fit within the operational parameters of your park.” He adds that accesso technology allows guests to enjoy themselves in a socially distanced environment while helping theme parks and attractions maximise capacity and throughput, “so that the number of people going into a virtual queue remains balanced, flexible and dynamically responsive to how the park is operating in real time. “At accesso, we are dedicated to ongoing

conversations with each and every client, and to building true partnerships; we create relationships with clients that last many years, ones that extend way beyond the


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