Park News

New booster coasters from ABC Rides Switzerland


BC Rides Switzerland has introduced two versions of its new Booster Coaster, intended for young riders. A variety of

themed trains is available. Booster Coaster 150 is the first Kiddie Launch

Coaster, allowing youngsters to discover their first launch experience. ABC Rides will use the well-established booster wheel launch technology proven on numerous Intamin Family Launch Coasters. It employs 150 metres (492 feet) of track laid out on an ultra-compact 40 by 14 metre (131 by 46 foot) footprint. Ready to take off in the

station, the four-coach train, carrying up to 12 passengers, is accelerated to an initial speed of 41 kph (25 mph) in just two seconds. Similarly, Booster Coaster 285 consists of

285 meters (935 feet) of track laid out on an ultra-compact 52 by 24 metre (171 by 79 foot) footprint. The four-coach train, carrying up to 12 passengers, is accelerated to an initial speed of 47 kph (29 mph) in just two seconds. Using two different launch sections allows a more diversified ride experience with multiple track crossings, a giant inclined helix, and eight direction changes.

Yas Waterworld launches UAE’s first Underwater VR experience

Maurer Rides delivers indoor spinning coaster for the Blockbuster Mall Kiev

The Blockbuster Mall shopping centre in Kiev, Ukraine, combines shopping and entertainment. The main attraction in the amusement park is a new indoor spinning coaster from Maurer Rides called “ ,” which simply means “roller coaster.” The coaster starts on a mezzanine level above the

first floor of the mall. Underneath it is a go-kart track with some columns that are “in the way.” Maurer Rides, however, made a virtue of necessity and tailored the track into the architecture of the shopping centre. The pillars were interpreted as a welcome occasion to curve around them and thus to induce the changes in direction that make spinning fun in the first place. Immediately after the hilltop, an S-curve “confuses

one’s orientation”, before riders fall into the first drop and spin dizzyingly over the go-kart track. “Up, down, faster and faster, up again and … flying. The tingling sensations induced from the camelback are a favourite feeling of all roller coaster fans. And once again turn, turn, turn – the final burst with four turns is really something special before the gondola is gently


Yas Waterworld has introduced the ‘Underwater VR Experience’, allowing guests to delve into a world of unlimited aquatic fun. Those looking for a “first- of-a-kind experience” can head to the park’s popular Amwaj Wave Pool and choose from four “exhilarating” underwater adventures. Commenting on the new Underwater VR experience, Leander de Wit, ggeneral manager at Yas Waterworld said: “We are excited to introduce this first-of- its-kind adventure in the UAE that is guaranteed to deliver unforgettable guest experiences. We strive to cater each experience to fit our guests’ interests and look forward to welcoming waterpark fans to try out the all-new Underwater VR Experience!” Park-goers can drift dive through

the ocean, visiting underwater wrecks, caves, and submarines. They can also can glide weightlessly down the slope of an astonishing mountain soaring over waterfalls and flying into glorious canyons. Those up for an adventure can float high above the earth and explore the abandoned space station. There is also the opportunity to be guided by a friendly seal to the Lost City to explore mysterious sea creatures. Yas Waterworld took home the

braked back in the station area,” said a spokesperson. The shopping mall was opened in 2019. The

integrated 25,000 m2 “Galaxy Park” followed on September 5, 2020. Despite coronavirus conditions, Maurer Rides

managed to build and commission the ride with the extremely constructive cooperation from the client. A special eye-catcher are the vehicles: they were

artfully designed by an airbrusher as a bear, cheetah, parrot, and snakes.

World’s Leading Waterpark award for the second year running at the prestigious World Travel Awards and was recognised as the Middle East’s Leading Waterpark in 2019 by the World Travel Awards as well. It was named Best Water Park by the MENALAC awards 2019 and recently took home a Guinness World Record for The Most Nationalities in a Swimming Pool in April 2019. It also picked up two awards in the social media and promotional campaign categories at the World Waterpark Association Awards.


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