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Triotech also offers integrated turnkey solutions for digital attractions including content developed in its own studio in Montreal, Canada. Triotech founder and CEO Ernest Yale, explains

how this exciting new partnership came about: “I have known Benoit for several years and we have always pushed each other to come up with better solutions for our clients.” He adds: “Before it was a competitive spirit that drove us, now it will be a spirit of teamwork and collaboration.” Benoit picks up the story: “For my next step, I wanted

to leverage my experience to help parks and operators create amazing experiences. This is the mission of Bold Move, an agile and innovative business, merging creativity with technology. Adding Triotech to my network of trusted partners will allow me to better serve clients and develop true turn-key attractions that add value to their operations.” He adds: “Triotech is a recognised authority in interactivity, gaming, and fun attractions. These also happen to be strong trends and needs in our industry. In that regards, it makes them a perfect partner for me and Bold Move.” Together, Ernest and Benoit represent over forty

years of combined entrepreneurial experience in the attractions industry. Their work has been recognised with numerous industry awards and both have been named to in the Top 50 list of industry infl uencers. As such, they are recognised visionaries and working together will bring them and their respective teams closer to operators which will enable them to deliver innovative and tailored turn-key attractions. The seeds of this exciting new partnership were sown

a long time ago, says Ernest: “15 years ago, we used to sell theatres with motion and he had this Desperado attraction. I remember seeing it for the fi rst time at a trade show in Asia in 2007 and thinking it was a great concept, but that we could take it to the next level as we’re video game people. I think it’s OK for me to say that now!” he says with a smile. “I always admired what Benoit did and he said the same.” They often discussed ways in which it might be possible to collaborate and the launch of Bold Move, “made it possible”. Remarking on the “fantastic ideas and concepts” that

Benoit has, Ernest continues: “Me, him and our creative teams are going to collaborate on all these crazy ideas that he has to try and create “Disney and Universal level” attractions and to come up with the best concepts in dark rides. Now is the time that we can come together and because of COVID offer something that is really compelling at a price that makes sense. We both know how to do it well and together we can create an even better project. “The fi rst thing we are working on together is the

realisation of Benoit’s Smash and Reload concept, which is very much a video game-based concept. In addition, the plan is to develop, with a ride vehicle company, a new type of vehicle “but at a better price,” says Ernest, adding: “That’s why he came to us, he thinks we can really implement his ideas.” The plan is to come together with their different,

original concepts, technologies and ideas and make them happen. “We are brainstorming to come up with two or three concepts over the next few months to deliver them to existing customers,” says Ernest.

AUTUMN PART 1 2020 27

COVID-19 impact It goes without saying that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the industry, the effects of which will be felt for some time yet. I ask Ernest if he thinks that with less money in the coffers, innovation will be stunted as park’s become more wary of taking risks? He explains that even before the onset of COVID-19, there were only 5-10 per cent of customers who want to be fi rst to market with a new type of ride. “A lot of operators are quite conservative – they don’t like to take a risk, mainly for fi nancial reasons.” He continues: “In the amusement park industry you have one new attraction every year – if it fails and the attraction has bad reviews, in essence you have wasted a year. So, in a sense I understand operators. That being said, we are working with two locations that have worked with us before, who are going to take a risk because they trust us.

“During COVID-19 we have been talking to a lot of

customers and, potentially, the solutions we offer are relatively low cost compared to say, a rollercoaster. So, l although I can’t announce anything right now – what I can say is we have closed three major deals in the past four months and Park World will be the fi rst to know.” The fact that Triotech is an integrated company in the

two segments – offering smaller products for arcades while being involved in bigger theme park projects has served it well, says Ernest; while the FEC side of the business has been much tougher due to the pandemic, the project side of the business is thriving. On this point he adds: “In March/April we developed

a new product for two locations, both attractions will open next March and next June. It’s a really new product. What we are seeing in terms of COVID-19 is that parks are really going to either not re-invest for next few years or invest to a limited level. They need to announce something new to attract people back but they don’t have the capital. This is a product we can sell to the small to medium-size park – those with 500,000 to a million visitors annually. “It will give guests a rich and evolving experience

over time, it’s competitive, immersive and affordable, so that’s our modus operandi and it means we can still close deals and survive through this crisis.” “We are solid company and we the collaboration

with Benoit will only strengthens us,” says Ernest. More on this story as we get it!

Adding Triotech to

my network of trusted partners will allow me to better serve clients and develop true turn-key attractions that add value to their operations.

Benoit Cornet

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