OneToTouch: Wor W ld-class slot and table games for online casinos

Mobile-first designs with intuitive single-touch interactivity pro vides players with a unique and superior online gaming experience


neTouch Technology Ltd develops world class slot and table games for online casinos across the globe. By fusing sharp mobile-first designs with

intuitive single-touch interactivity, we provide players with a unique and superior online gaming experience irrespective of the device they are using.

Founded in 2015, our company burst onto the scene with a premium quality table game selection. Created with the vision of players enjoying their favourite game on a phone in one hand, while holding the handrail of a bus with the other, we’re proud to pioneer a mobile-first approach which will play an ever-more important role in our industry’s


development over the next decade and beyond.

We’ve come a long way in five years.

Since OneTouch’s inception, we’ve added a roster of innovative slot titles to our portfolio, including our latest hits Flexing Dragons, MVP Hoops and Forgotten Pharaohs, as well as fan favourites such as Tiki Terror.

Inspired by the far r-Ea r-East, Flexing Dragons

is a thrilling slot game with cascading dragon-themed symbols each bringing a different number of ways to win, as well as an engagement-boosting buy-in option allowing players to purchase Free Games instantly.

Meanwhile, the basketball-themed MVP Hoops was designed with sports fans in


roadmap for the year ahead is jam- packed with new and e xciting releases”

Touch’s fo

mind, showcasing an innovative Wheel Bonus feature which ballplaying bettors can trigger by landing three bonus symbols on a payline.

Our most recent release, Forgotten Pharaohs rolls back the ages in a time travelling adventure through the deserts of ancient Egypt, where golden sarcophaguses can bring huge wins by turning the whole grid wild. Tiki Terror, meanwhile, delivers an otherworldly experience for those looking to embrace the dark side, featuring an excitement-building cashback feature, rewarding players half their total bet multiplied by the number of free games. Ev en though our slot titles have proved impressively popular, we haven’t lost sight of the renowned table games offering that put us on the map. Among our most

important ongoing projects is a digital live dealer product created alongside Bombay

Club, operator s of a leading VIP live casino studio in Latvia.

Having a partner on board with similar expertise to us in the VIP space helped to recreate the authentic experience of visiting a busy casino. The product will undoubtedly be welcomed by those who are unaccustomed to online games, unable to check in at their favourite casino because of current restrictions.

With mobile- first Roulette and Baccarat games, which will be followed by Blackjack, as well as a luxuriously designed betting area and a private VIP room with separate rewards and promotions, it is among the finest products available on today’s live dealer market.

Giving players the option of multi-table betting, it not only emulates the land- based casino experience, but also enhances it for those who want to enjoy their favourite table games at a faster pace. Customers can join in on the betting action while checking out the other tables at the same time, with the chance of winning thrilling prizes along the way. And for those that miss the face-face nature of a bustling casino our new release includes a live chat function which adds a fantastic social element to the games.

With a succession of further mobile- oriented slot launches in the pipeline for 2021, as well as additional enhancements to our luxurious live dealer offering, OneTouch’s roadmap for the year ahead is jam-packed with new and exciting releases.

18 DECEMBER 2020

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