BetGames.TV It’s all about the content

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f there’s one thing we’ve learned this ye ar from the seemingly never-ending


pandemic, alternative content has never been more important.

pandemic-proof al ernatives to live sports, we’ve proven ourselves as a true haven for sports punters still looking to get in on the action. At the end of the day , RNG-based gaming such as slots and virtuals were nev er going to cut it as a replacement (de spite the media hype), and when it comes to replacing the live sporting action, we’re one of the fe w suppliers in the world who have been able to r eally fill the gap and ensure customers sta y aboard with our operator par tners.

As one of the industry’s only true o f alt

The proof is in the pudding. Our pr oducts offer real-time excitement in drov es. Whether it’ s a punt on a football match, pr e-match or in-play – sport s betting is all about making bets based on real-time factors. It tak es know ledge, faith and the confidence that you can take on the house. Of cour se, live dealer games may not offer the same sporting action, but they’re the closest punters can get t o live action and fixed odds betting; and this is testament to our games’ engagement rates, which are the envy of our competit ors.

ledge, faith and

Combined with first-rate production v alues and an engaging h uman element, our games have proven themselves the industry’ s best in driving cross-selling opportunitie s to those sports bettors who have been for ced inactive.

14 DECEMBER 2020

As we continue to weather ‘Lockdown 2.0’ , there has never been a bett

tt er time for

sportsbooks to take a fr esh look at their content and pandemic-pr oof their portfolios to ensure they can weather the storm. Liv e dealer games are no longer an e xtension of the casino vertical and are steadily crafting out a niche of their own as a key source of entertainment to under-serv

gain player buy in, we’v e done quite the opposite, and made ourselve s so much of a favourite that it is unheard of to no w go live without our product s in some places of the world.

r-served sports bettor s.

Offering mar gins far gr eat er than competing products, as well as sports betting it self, we pro vide a gaming experience that spor ts bettors and poker players can resonate with across retail sites, desktops, or mobile de vices – without detracting from player enjoyment and value.

beyond the Evolution’s of this world, we cr eate entirely new live betting e xperience s with a unique 10-cat alogue portfolio – offering both our signature t

Live on 2,000 site s globally and going ld

twists on the cla ssics, such as

Bet on Poker, stretching over t Wao W ar of Bets, the brainchild of our very o wn COO, Aiste Garneviciene.

Our unique, in-house developed game s are also tailored to the global audience s across which we deliver, such as lottery for r et ail in Africa, Polish dealer s for STS and Andar Bahar for Asia – as well as pr oviding a

comprehensive suite of backend tools t o allow for margin setting and bet size limits.

While inventing our own catalogue of live betting games may seem lik e a challenge to

This approach has paid dividends this y ear, with total average daily bets sur ging globally by 37% during the toughest operator months of 2020, February to May . Bet counts tripled in LatAm (300%), while ov er in Europe, our Bet on Poker alone recorded a 7 3% surge in bet s during lockdown.


This has been no fluke. Player r etention jumped 33% in the month aft er the return of major football leagues in June, all the while, other verticals saw players r eturn to their original betting choices.

With our games appealing to those who want entertainment first and to enjoy themselves rather than gamble heavily , we often see an extended period of gameplay tied to smaller bets, driving a more sustainable betting experience which benefit s brand loyalt y to our games and operator par tners that host them.

licences from the UK

Underpinned by an extensive array of KGC, MGA, Italy, and


various South African authorities, as we ll certifications from Sweden and Colombia in process, BetGames.TV is the go-to live games supplier for regulated markets – and the only true pandemic-proof alternative for sports punters.

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