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ky Lucky kyJackpot Promotional platform

Introducing the latest addition to Luck yStreak’ s suite of gaming solutions, LuckyJackpot – the comprehensive promotional campaign kyJackpot – toolbox for Live Casino games

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the main Jackpot in order to maximize appeal, and keep all types and rankings of players engaged, even those that haven’t had the opportunity to reach the top of the leaderboard,. The ability to integrate Live Casino promotions with Free Spins in our LuckyConnect’s network of slots games, and new and exciting forms of leaderboards and tournaments.

Chen Bernard Greenfeld, LuckyStreak marketing director added: “We put great effort into fine-tuning everything from graphics and animations to our game’s sound design. It is those no so little things that complete the gaming experience. We are also constantly brainstorming

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uckyStreak, a prominent Live Casino supplier founded by industry veterans, has been an active player in the iGaming

market for six years and have since achieved incredible success with an

unparalleled level of entertainment offered by their games, their operat r-or-first

approach and an uncompromising attitude toward training professional, entertaining and welcoming dealers.

With LuckyStreak, an operator could, with a single integration, receive all of LuckyStreak’s Live Casino games, hundr eds of top-tier slot s and RNG games aggregated using their proprietary LuckyConnect aggregate platform, unlimited access to LuckyJackpot’s promotional capabilities and enjoy a single point of contact for billing, support and client management. Acting as an added component to LuckyStreak’s proprietary backoffice software, the LuckyJackpot platform empowers operators to independently run tailor-made promotional leaderboard campaigns between their casino players, encouraging players to compete against

12 DECEMBER 2020

each other for the top place at the leaderboard.

Since its inception, the LuckyJackpot solution has proven that with the proper marketing adjustments recommended by the LuckyStreak account management team, operators can achieve incredible increases in their performance, ranging from the amount and volume of bets each player makes, to the amount and duration of each of his or hers’ sessions. All resulting in increased revenues for the operator. The LuckyJackpot platform was designed from the ground up to allow operators to configure, manage and run promotional leaderboard campaigns

completely on their own. Nevertheless, the LuckyStreak account management team is always ready to help operators master LuckyJackpot and run promotional campaigns freely, easily and effectively. LuckyStreak has absolutely no intention of stopping there though and plans to use the coming months to further strengthen LuckyJackpot’s promotional capabilities and add additional features such a s special side Jack pot s that w or k in conjunction with

additional gamification elements to add to our games in order to give our players an entertaining Live Casino experience that keeps them coming back every time “We are also immensely proud of our platform’s ability to offer complete customisation and flexibility. It’s our operator first approach that has always been what guides us, and we are always hard at work creating added value for our clients. Whether it is creating exciting co-operatio ns to enhance our content aggregation platform LuckyConnect or upgrading our advanced promotional capabilities with the LuckyJackpot platform. We will continue to lead the charge in the empowerment of operators and supplying an entertaining experience to players everywhere. “

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LuckyStreak is currently operating under a Curacao gaming license with an MGA license due to arrive later this year.

LuckyStreak’s Live Casino games offer the thr ee “kings of the casino”: BlackJack, Baccarat and three types of Roulette, all streamed in full HD, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to over 1,000 operators at 90+ countries around the world.

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