BetConstruct reunites industry for East & W

Summarising the tough and yet very prosperous year top-scoring r,, gaming and betting platform pro vider BetConstruct will hold the East & West Expo Vol.2 on December 8-9, 2020

& West v West virtual expo, Vol.2 perous year


fter the succe ssful first edition of the iGaming vir tual expo in Sept ember, BetConstruct received a lot of positive feedback and suppor t from

industry experts. The first v olume hosted thousands of amateurs, exhibit ors,

professionals and expectations were exceeded. The goal of breaking do wn barriers caused by the pandemic and hosting so many people under the same virtual roof w as accomplished. And afterwards, not resting on it s laur els, the compan y is thrilled to announce the second volume of the East &West expo that is ready to explode the industry and surpass the success of the expo’s first edition.


The event will again be host ed on the digital event creation platfoform PandaMR created by BetConstruct as an out standing and innovativ e solution for participating, organising and hosting virtual ev ents. The variety

ty of tools that PandaMR offfeffers helps

organisers bring together h undreds of people and still maintain safet y norms while reducing expenses. The concept behind this soft are is to allow confeference organisers to arrange any virtual event with all the a spects that one could see in a real-life e xpo – meeting rooms, panel sessions, adver tising and m uch more. All

ftw 10 DECEMBER 2020

these can be cust omised as needed. The platform is available both via de skt op and mobile with no need for additional VR devices. Last but not lea st, is the structure of the software which is quite simple y et very multifufunctional so users, whether an expo organiser, a participant or a visitor, ha s any problem enjoying the expo. With the first East & We

West expo, all

expectations were exceeded. About 300 exhibitors and thousands of visitors were estimated. Naturally, fofor the second round the organiser anticipates passing these n umbers. For the second volume the technologies ar e more developed, based on pr evious

experience, so any possibility of having issues is reduced to a minimum. The participants will again dive into the iGaming world for t w o days on December 8-9 int eracting with


brands, investigating the en vironment, making business deals and simply having fun. Highl y customisable stand options, adv ertising spaces and digital ads will again be a vailable to companies who would like to exhibit at th e event.

Over and above, be side s meeting a lot of eminent companies and figur e s in the iGaming spher e during the e xpo, the attendees will also hav e a chance to join

thematic talks held by industry pr feofe ssionals at the conference hall.

Also, after the fir st expo BetConstruct

decided to give its exhibitors an oppor tunity to further explore the capacities of the platform and hold digital pre sentations, virtual exhibitions and product showca ses during the whole month of October and November absolutely free of charge.

Many people and expert s still wonder what will happen to physical events in 20 21. This year has shown that people should always be ready to faface foforce majeure situations and future obstacles.

With each virtual event more and more ideas are generated and with the hard w ork of the team those idea s will be implemented. Speaking of the East & We W st Expo t eam, it’s important to mention that visit ors and exhibitors will be assisted by a profefessional staff always ready t o help with any issue throughout the exhibition.

Expressing gratitude to all att endees of the first e xpo, BetConstruct will again be very glad to see that kind of activity, high interest and participation.


To find out more about the East &West Virtual Expo Vo

We Vol2, please visit

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