EAST & WEST V2 PREVIEW Asia Gaming Brief

A market intelligence, events, and networking company focused on Asia P acific’s rapidly expanding gaming industry


the latest trends and hot est product s through to changes in regula tion and emerging jurisdictions.

AGB’s daily eBrief and AGB Nippon (in Japanese) provide readers with in-depth articles and breaking news updat es, while our bi-monthly print public ation Asia Gaming Briefings provide s essential information and updates acr oss 22 jurisdictions.

We offfeffer an unparalleled opportunity tomeet new contacts and catch up with old friends at our network tw

king social king socials and Asia Gaming Tree,

while our conferences provide an opportunity tomix and exchange ideas with some of the region’s leading industry experts.

Over the last four y ears, ASEAN Gaming Summit, a three-day g

ay gaming confer y gaming conference in

Manila, ha s become known for becoming the intersection point betw een both sides of the industry – promoting a pl atform for information exchange and contact s across Asia’s land-based and online gaming industries.

From infoformation, connections, to

introducti ons, we are your gateway t o Asia.

Breaking News & Latest Headlines AGB’s digital platfoforms are designed to keep

the reader up-to-date with the news as it breaks across the Asian region. Our news website is updated frequently throughout the y, covering topics ranging from emerging nvestments, products and

day, co markets, new inv

properties, regulation, taxation, and responsible gaming. Reaching over 8,000 subscribers, our daily morning newslett provides a digest of the most important events direct to our readers’ inbox, or to their mobile phones in an easily digestible format.


Research & Intelligence Available only to AGBMembers, our

Intelligence Articles, Reports, Whitepapers, and Exclusive Interviews provide first-hand, inside information into the online and land-based gaming industry in Asia.

ty AGB Nippon

AGB Nippon is the first Japanese-language service dedicated to bringing independent, timely and incisive information about the global gambling industry to stakeholders in Japan. Delivered to your inbox weekly, the newsletter provides the latest insight on the march towards developing one of the world’s biggest gaming markets. Coverage includes all topics that anyone interested in the nascent IR industry need to have on their radar.

ASEAN Gaming Summit

Held in Manila, the annual ASEAN Gaming Summit is a three-day conference covering the most pertinent issues affecting the online and land-based gaming space in Asia. The conference is built on the idea of giving delegates a unique and effective information- thering and networking experience. More than 350 decision makers from across the region are in attendance each yea identifying future trends whilst cr cementing business relationships.

gathering and net

eating and r,

AGB Webinar Series

AGB’s timely webinars are a forum to share ideas and solutions relating to the key issues facing the gaming industry in Asia, featuring prominent keynote speakers and expert panelists.

Asia Gaming Tree

The Asia Gaming T ree is a place for the industry to come together for one night of entertainment, great food, superb drinks, and a chance to r ekindle the relationships that make up our industry . r industry. Get t o know our industry’s most colorful charact ers and personalitie s and the lighter side of our industry’s most influential executives. Y realize that we all come from the same place!


Asia Gaming Networking Socials Asia Gaming Brief ’s networking socials

provide a relaxed environment to mix and mingle with colleagues in the industry. Our events in Manila, Macau and other Asian jurisdictions are among the hottest tickets in town, with demand regularly exceeding supply. They are also an ideal opportunity for sponsors to raise their profile among a targeted group of guests. As the industry moves forward in multiple jurisdictions, networking events will be an invaluable tool to get to know other stakeholders and share ideas in an informal setting.

AGB Membership

AGB members receive exclusive access to our daily intelligence articles, reports and whitepapers, as well as VIP status at our networking events, webinars and conferences.

DECEMBER 2020 15

sia Gaming Brief’s vast netw ork of contacts across Asia’ s land-based and online gaming industries means we ha ve our finger on the pulse of all things gaming, from hott

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