Aristocrat Xpands player Xperience with two new cabinet launches in Europe


ristocrat Technologies has simultaneously launched two new cabinets for European casino floors. The EDGE X expands the number of Premium

Leased form factors available to customers in Europe, while the MarsX Upright cabinet heralds the advent of the next generation of core sale games in the region. Both cabinets take advantage of Aristocrat’s new Gen9 gaming platform. Increased processing power and enhanced storage and graphics capabilities allow greater scope for the development of games using more advanced audio- visual effects, across more screens. Three spectacular licensed themes accompany the EDGE X launch, whilst MarsX is available with five new dedicated games, together with an initial library of proven Gen8 and Gen7 titles – highlighting its backwards compatibility. EDGE X features two stacked, horizontal,

curved 43-inch 4K cinematic LCD screens displaying panoramic views, with stereo symphonic surround sound. A 27” HD topper with game-driven animations is also included, along with an enhanced 2K virtual button deck and dual bash buttons for shared gaming experiences, all in a cabinet that occupies a larger-than-life footprint. Attractive lighting, sound and art are tailored to each game, whilst a range of themed packaging modules allow for customisation to suit any gaming floor location. A prime example of this is the tripod carousel, with game designed wedges and soft-touch interactive sound benches for two players. Players are set to benefit from three big launch slot titles in

FarmVille, Madonna and Mad Max: Fury Road. The FarmVille slot game is based on the FarmVille social builder

and FarmVille social slots enjoyed by more than 100 million players worldwide. Slot players will find all of their favourite characters, farm animals and livestock in a game featuring persistent free games and the popular Mighty Cash Hold & Spin mechanic. Adding to the fun is a single-site progressive with grand jackpot starting values of 250,000 or 500,000 credits. The Madonna slot game invites players to “Get Into The Groove”

with entertaining game play that perfectly captures the essence of the “Material Girl”. The game features persistent Mighty Cash Hold & Spin multipliers, free games, “Like a Virgin” wheel bonus and a single-site progressive with a grand jackpot starting value of 500,000 credits. A unique karaoke feature on the button deck also enables players to sing along with their favourite Madonna songs while playing the game. Inspired by the thrill and excitement of the hit movie that won six

Academy Awards, the Mad Max: Fury Road slot game features a cinematic art package with big, bold symbols, giving the player the feeling of sitting inside the War Rig with Mad Max and Furiosa. A popular cash-on-reels base game feature, triggered by the iconic Doof warrior character, creates a volatile ride with exciting anticipation, whilst the exciting Citadel wheel bonus awards multipliers, jackpots or a unique Sandstorm free games experience with locking wilds and respins. Other bonuses include ‘High Octane’ (special symbols with respins) and ‘Fury Road’ (stacked wilds and wild multipliers). The single-site progressive grand jackpot starts at 1,500,000 credits. The innovative MarsX cabinet gives operators an entirely new


way to illuminate their players’ Xperience. Fitting easily into any standard upright cabinet space, its sleek, modern, and inventive design, incorporating floating screens and game-complementary corona sync edge lighting, creates a unique play environment and sparks a revolution in game floor

layout, with back-to-back placement opening up sight lines across gaming floors. MarsX has two 27-inch 4K displays and a

27-inch HD LCD topper, supported with game- driven content for added entertainment. A premium virtual button deck offers a high definition, minimalistic way of wagering, effectively providing an integrated and interactive fourth screen. Embedded into the deck is the latest in NFC wireless charging technology. A 4.1 speaker system optimally projects audio from around the displays, providing crisp, balanced sound. Additionally, its ergonomic design provides more efficient accessibility for field service technicians, decreasing service time in the field. MarsX arrives in Europe with five

industry-leading titles leveraging Aristocrat’s biggest brands and bringing innovation to the game sales space. Buffalo Gold Revolution is the latest

instalment in Aristocrat’s Buffalo franchise,

extending on the popular Buffalo Gold with a new jackpot wheel and base game feature that can turn royal symbols into Buffalo on any spin. With two different Asian themes, the new, linkable Fu Dai Lian

Lian franchise features an industry-first: three metamorphic pots, each triggering unique features that can also be combined for huge rewards. The Mighty Cash brand also makes the leap onto MarsX, with

two Mighty Cash Ultra games (also linkable) leveraging the strong Hold & Spin mechanic and combining it with a metamorphic trigger pot for the first time. EMEA Product & Marketing Director Ian Adams said on the

dual cabinet launch: “This is the first time that Aristocrat has introduced two new, high profile cabinets into this region concurrently. Both form factors and the respective games selected for their launch have shown tremendous performance across North American gaming floors in recent months and we are confident we will receive similar feedback from customers on this side of the Atlantic.”

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