The growing need for accessible bathing A

ccording to national charity DLF (Disabled Living Foundation), there

Comment by Adrian Beauchamp General Manager, Mantaleda

are 13.3m disabled people in the UK yet only 17% are born with their disability, most acquiring their disability in later life. For every 1000 people of working age in the UK, there are 308 of pensionable age, with this projected to increase to 365 by 2037. The ageing population and therefore the affect that this has on housing and specialised equipment, cannot be underestimated. 28% of wheelchair users are under the age of 60 and some 1.9m households contained at least one person who felt that their condition meant they required some adaptations to their home; the most common adaptations being grab rails, a new bath or shower to replace the bath*. While in the past accessible bathing products were never seen to be highly desirable, consumer demands are changing and just because an individual has physical limitations, does not mean

that they can’t have an aspirational bathroom that they love to show off to others! As we come to the end of 2020, we have

heard so many stories of people wanting to update their bathrooms with more accessible bathing products so that they can be sure they are able to use every room of the house without worry. As a result we expect to see an even wider range of baths, showers and accessories from a number of manufacturers in 2021, as ‘easy access’ becomes a lot more mainstream! From walk-in baths to deep soak through to power lift baths for those with additional mobility needs, there are so many ways in which a bathroom can be future-proofed and made safer for all. We don’t believe that the design of a bathroom should be compromised by ‘independent living’ products and hope to be part of a revolution that ensures all consumers have a fabulous bathroom, that meets all of their needs regardless of age, physical ability or gender.


Mantaleda –Accessible Bathing for all D

id you know that only 3.2% of those aged 65 and over are living in care

homes; the remainder are choosing to stay in mainstream housing, with 80% of those stating that they want to remain at home as they age too, even if it means living alone. However, not all new build houses account for

this change in demographic or change in living conditions. There is already a significant shortage of accessible homes in the UK, with the latest English housing survey showing that only 7% of homes meet basic accessibility needs*.

For many, home adaptations are crucial, to

improve quality of life, with practical improvements that allow for the continuation of everyday activities, such as having a bath or shower without assistance. 1 in 3 people aged 65 and over suffer from a fall each year^ and with those aged 85yrs+ spending over 80% of their time in their home, these falls are likely to happen in their everyday surroundings, such as the bathroom. Here at Mantaleda, we believe bath times

should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience for all and that is why we are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality range of accessible baths and

introducing a range of accessories too. With a full rebrand for 2021, our aim is to to give assistance to those that are less able, making the everyday bathing experience as easy as possible for all but also ensuring bathrooms look fantastic!

*Source: DCLG (2016), English housing survey 2014 to 2015: adaptations and accessibility of homes report ^Source: NICE Quality standard QS86, Falls in older people, March 2015

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