Specialist Kitchen Taps: The must-have kitchen gadget


pace-saving and genuinely practical solutions are becoming essential in

today’s living, as the kitchen and living space is on the decrease. This is especially true in new builds, where every day appliances must fit into a tight space. Open-plan living has also brought the kitchen

Comment by Anne Kaarlela

Marketing Communications & Customer Service Manager, InSinkErator®

into the living room and designers are responding to consumers’ evolving needs by introducing sleeker designs that aim to achieve continuity throughout the whole space. As a result, consumers are looking for appliances that will either blend unobtrusively into the kitchen design or act as a stylish focal point to catch the eye. Steaming hot water taps, and combination taps, continue to grow in popularity as consumers are increasingly looking for products that will make life easier, while adding style to their home. Specialist

kitchen taps are an invaluable and convenient addition to the kitchen, making everyday tasks much quicker and saving precious space. Whether you are making a simple cup of tea, blanching vegetables or rinsing rice, a combination tap can save both time and money. What’s more valuable worktop space can be saved by ditching the kettle and water filter jug. There is no doubt that the consumer sees the appliance as a ‘must-have’ addition to their new kitchen, or even retro-fitted to their current one. Furthermore, with the environment and resource saving hitting the top of the purchasing agenda, the consumer is more aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. The benefits of a specialist kitchen tap suit the environmentally astute with eliminating the need to boil the kettle to delivering filtered cold water so ditching the need for the plastic bottle.

InSinkErator® Innovation: The 4N1 Touch tap I

nSinkErator® has developed its most technologically advanced taps to date,

the 4N1 Touch; a collection of taps that offer instant, filtered steaming hot water and instant filtered cold water, as well as regular hot and cold water, from the same combined fixture. The range of 4N1 Touch taps forms part of the InSinkErator® Showroom Collection specially created for designers and kitchen specialists.

Designed to meet the increased consumption

of filtered drinking water, the 4N1 Touch provides a stream of filtered cold water, at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the InSinkErator® 4N1 Touch tap instantly and safely dispenses filtered steaming hot water, alongside regular hot and cold water, removing the need for multiple kitchen taps, kettles and water filter jugs. What’s more, the perfect amount of readily available steaming hot water contributes to countless kitchen tasks from cooking to cleaning.

InSinkErator® 4N1 Touch taps offer an

alternative to buying an endless number of single- use, plastic, bottled water as it instantly provides filtered cold water directly from the tap. Moreover, the NeoChiller, a compact filter and chiller unit that fits neatly beneath your worktop, can be connected to the 4N1 Touch, allowing users to dispense perfectly chilled and filtered water instantly.

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InSinkErator® 4N1 Touch Tap, J Shape, Velvet Black

InSinkErator® 18 BKU NOVEMBER 2020

4N1 Touch Tap and NeoChiller

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