A trend that is growing in the right direction…


here’s no doubt that the unforeseen events of 2020 have slowed the

penetration of the next predicted décor trends within the kitchen and bathroom sector. Looking to take the industry by storm were natural stone effects, the colour grey and terrazzo inspired designs. As we all adjust to the new normal, retailers are taking now the opportunity to update their showroom displays. Thankfully, there is at least one trend that is growing surely and steadily in the right direction… and that’s veining. With veining only previously available in quartz,

Comment by Peter JR Holt Managing Director, Sylmar Technology Ltd

porcelain and laminate, new technologies in the manufacture of solid surface material make it possible to replicate the natural veining of marble with stunning effect. For the first time, solid

surfaces offer décors with veining that flows naturally and uniquely throughout the surface of the worktop. As the market for laminate worktops declines,

solid surfaces echoing the look of the natural world such as marble have arrived right on time as more homeowners are making the switch to a more robust, stylish solid surface for their kitchen and bathroom. Exactly 1 year ago, Sylmar Technology launched

4 new décors, all inspired by manmade materials and natural stone. These 4 décors, namely minerva Calcutta White, Travertine Haze, Silver Haze and Concrete Haze were conceived beautifully to meet the growing trend for veining. minerva solid surfaces continue to provide retailers with renewed flexibility and choice when creating their kitchen and bathroom designs.

Sylmar Technology can offer something really special B

ringing an industry first to market at the end of 2019, minerva Calcutta

White by Sylmar Technology along with the minerva Haze Collection reflects the trend for lighter surfaces with colours to complement grey tones and the look of natural materials.

No feigning with strong veining… Sylmar’s signature décor, minerva Calcutta White, is a popular décor for showroom displays and is positioned uniquely to offer both longer and wider island units and breakfast bars. With dimensions of 3050x1240x25mm for the island worktop, designers can offer their clients oversized island units with the confidence that there are no joins in the surface. Island units can also be complemented with continuous-looking edges that flow over the side of the surface with matching end panels.

Welcome to the Stone Age… From the minerva Haze collection, Silver Haze is proving to be a highly adaptable décor used successfully in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom with stunning vanity tops and shower wall panelling. As with most solid surfaces, minerva is straightforward to cut using standard

woodworking tools so preparing a vanity top with a cut-out for an inset sink or a waste for an above counter basin is a quick and simple job done on- site. minerva vanities with factory finished seamless undermount basins are available from a number of bathroom distributors. minerva shower and bathroom wall panels are

a stylish, easy-fit panelling system that can be installed directly over the top of existing tiling or glued to an existing drywall. Wall panels can be used from floor to ceiling throughout the entire bathroom as an attractive alternative to tiles and painted walls. Thus providing a flawless finish without the mess of grouting.

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