LochAnna Kitchens taps into the trend for upmarket country-inspired kitchens

Keller’s brand new and beautiful Black Marble kitchen scheme

The Black Marble kitchen set is a new addition to Keller Kitchens’ range of beautiful kitchen designs. Matt surfacing and black décor in the kitchen has enjoyed a resurgence recently. As this kitchen with a real luxurious feel shows, black features and matt finishes work in tandem to bring a sophisticated touch of class to any space. To achieve this effect, Keller has

used a black marble ceramics recess paired with matt black appliances to create a unique focal point in the kitchen. This on-trend feature has been matched with a monochrome kitchen island; the white cabinetry adding another

level of depth to design excellence. Modern lighting has also been

fully utilised, with stunning LED spotlights above the sink and tap area. This has been combined with beautifully illuminated handle trims to really showcase this kitchen in the best light. As always, Keller Kitchens offers

complete versatility with over 1950 NCS colours to choose from in a wide array of finishes. This makes it possible for every homeowner to incorporate elements of this kitchen set in a way that suits their style. For further information, please

visit the website. 

With a trend towards more glamourous and upmarket country-inspired kitchens, LochAnna Kitchens draws on its British craftmanship with one of the brand’s most beautiful collections to date.

“The Durham

Collection is the embodiment of traditional charm, with connotations of English country life at the centre of its look,” says Paul Jenkinson, Founder and Managing Director of British kitchen brand LochAnna Kitchens. “But it’s not just reserved for the country lifestyle. The Durham collection is equally at home in a city pied-à-terre as it would be in a sprawling country manor. The true in-frame door design, inspired by the

most luxurious traditional furniture designers of times gone by, makes this collection one of our most warm, homely and high-end ranges to date. Like all our premium kitchens, the doors are made in Italy using high quality materials and the cabinets are built in Britain to exacting standards.”

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Alku: Modern or Traditional, which one are you? F

or many designers, this is one of the first questions that we have to ask our

clients, it helps us get a feel for their wants needs tastes and styles and on the whole, our clients fall into two categories the ones that want the modern European linear styled minimalistic kitchens and the customers that prefer the traditional English shaker or character of in-frame design. But is there a third choice, is there something

that nicely bridges the gap between clean, modern living without losing English charm. At Getley UK we think we have found the answer with the addition of Aalborg to our own Alku range. Featuring a smooth painted flat panel in-frame

door this merger is a modern linear feel with the character of an in-frame design. And with the addition of our new touch handle, this gives a thoroughly modern feel, but with the possibility of adding the finishing touches that make the traditional kitchen feel so warm and homely. Aalborg is one of 6 new In-Frame doors in the

next release of Alku due January 2021. The new range comes with the option to upgrade to oak or walnut veneered cabinetry to add a further element of luxury and all will be available to order immediately. Please contact our sales team for more information or visit our website.


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