It’s a whole new look for North Yorkshire based, Mantaleda, a specialist accessible bath manufacturer


asy Access bathroom manufacturer, Mantaleda has launched a range of

new customer communications following a review of marketing activity in recent years. While the brand is well known in the industry and has been manufacturing baths in the heart of North Yorkshire for the last 20 years, the company has previously concentrated on manufacturing own label products for some of the biggest and most recognised easy access bath brands in the UK. Mantaleda’s new range of branded communications, including a new website and a range of printed materials, retailer point of sale as well as merchandise, has come in response to the company identifying a very clear position in the market; offering high quality easy access baths at a consistent price, combined with decades of experience, and all products being handcrafted from one single British manufacturing source.

The new communications are a very welcome

break from tradition for Mantaleda and give a clear indication of the direction in which the business wishes to grow. Adrian Beauchamp, General Manager of Mantaleda is very excited by

autokitchen: Design is an important part of the job for KBB retailers

It’s also a love hate thing for many

design software. The software you’re using will either be capable


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lmost all kitchen and bathrooms are designed using computer aided

It needs to have an extensive choice of

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01923 777707 email:

01609 771211 

the relaunch and is keen to show what Mantaleda is able to offer. “Since we were established in 1996, we have continually challenged ourselves internally to ensure superior products at affordable price points. This is achieved by only using the finest raw materials, sourced from the UK and Europe, endeavouring to produce a range of products, made in the most ethical way possible.

We are immensely proud of the quality of the

products we send out on a daily basis and internally all of the team are aware of what we as a business stand for. However, we’ve never really communicated this externally. With the introduction of our new marketing communications, we hope that a wider audience can finally see the extensive portfolio of products we manufacture and just how unique the Mantaleda brand is. We have always had consistent pricing throughout our range of products; however, we also have the experience and knowledge to help our customers put together the most compelling product portfolio too”.

Despite the challenges faced this year, 2020/2021 is looking to be an exciting time for Mantaleda. So, while the world will continually throw challenges into the paths of all manufacturers, Mantaleda are clear of their growth aspirations and continued investment into the brand.

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