TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Helping you maintain vigilance in the warehouse

Materials handling and the warehouse environment are areas that require constant vigilance in order to maintain a safe working environment. Toyota Material Handling recognises the need to keep safety at the fore whether as part of forklift and reach truck design or in the environment within which the trucks operate.

Nowhere is this safety focus more apparent than in Toyota’s safety innovations. Over twenty years ago, Toyota introduced the pioneering System of Active Stability (SAS). The patented system has helped to protect countless operators, loads and protected against damage to the trucks themselves. SAS is fitted as standard on all Toyota engine and electric powered counterbalance forklifts and with six key features that result in increased safety.

As with SAS, Toyota has seen significant success through the

introduction of their market leading I_Site truck management system which can help to identify areas of improvement to contribute to overall operational safety. Toyota also offers Operator Training, assisting organisations in achieving high levels of safety competence through helping operators to work more efficiently and safety.

Service and preventative maintenance

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that all companies who operate materials handling equipment ensure that it is regularly maintained, repaired and inspected. They advise that one of the most effective ways to do this and to remain legally compliant is to perform daily equipment checks and have a schedule of planned maintenance established to ensure that the truck is in a safe condition to operate. This can be automated with a system on the truck. But if you don’t have this, you can still provide your operators with a checklist – Toyota has templates available online. A full range of useful safety posters and booklets can be obtained from the Toyota website

Thorough Examination

If you own or operate a forklift truck, you are required by law to make sure it meets safety requirements. A Thorough Examination accredited by the CFTS meets and exceeds your obligations under LOLER ‘98 and PUWER ‘98.

Toyota Material Handling UK is an accredited CFTS (Consolidated

Fork Truck Services) provider of Thorough Examination inspections. Thorough Examination is one of the areas which seem to cause the most confusion amongst organisations. Like a MOT for a car, a Thorough Examination is a legal requirement for trucks with forks. It is the operating sites responsibility to keep lifting equipment

operating within the LOLER ‘98 and PUWER ‘98 legislation guidelines. Under UK legislation all lifting equipment is required to have a periodic Thorough Examination inspection conducted upon it. This interval is determined by the type of equipment and how it is used. Contact Toyota to learn more about they can assist you with Thorough Examinations.

Quality accessories available direct from Toyota

Key to the successful upkeep of your materials handling equipment is keeping your machines serviced and maintained regularly, which Toyota offers nationally. For all components for your trucks we only use certified parts and to ensure you always have the best quality accessories readily available, we have launched the Accessories by Toyota online shop.

Within the shop there are a range of accessories that can help

ensure that employees' safety and working comfort is increased. The entire range comes with a 12 month guarantee and covers nine categories including; Exteriors and Forks, Safety, Trolleys and Scooters, Chargers and Connectors, Tools and Workwear and Lights.

Forklift extras

Looking for something to reduce the risk of loads slipping from forks? Accessories by Toyota has something for you, versatile and magnetic anti-slip fork covers. Designed to ensure traction when handling loads with smooth surfaces and available in various sizes.

Interested in warning lights on your trucks or in your warehouse?

Point LED alert light projects a coloured beam on the floor in front or behind the truck to give visual notification to pedestrians that the machine is approaching. The SpotMe system is also available online, this clever unit is mounted in areas that have the potential for collisions such as blind corners and alerts both operators and pedestrians to one another’s presence. Learn more on the Toyota website.

The SpotMe system is also available online, this clever unit is

mounted in areas that have the potential for collisions such as blind corners and alerts both operators and pedestrians to one another’s presence.

As the world’s number one supplier of materials handling

equipment, Toyota is committed to driving and continuously improving safety in materials handling. Accessories by Toyota is one of many ways Toyota are actively promoting and encouraging businesses to take a long-term approach to improving operational safety.

Toyota’s free safety resources including; manual handling guides,

daily checklists and safety posters can be found online. You can also view the entire range of Accessories by Toyota online together with any further information you may need on Thorough Examination

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