new multifunctional HDS switchgear series for heavy industry


Automation New Decade. New Expectations.

As the e-commerce industry has grown, so have customer expectations. Today customers are placing orders more frequently, in fewer quantities, later in the day and expecting delivery faster than ever before. Customers now consider 2-day delivery slow with next-day and even same day delivery becoming the standard.

Shoppers in the year 2020 think globally, demand personalisation, desire immediate results and

Schmersal to showcase an innovative cloud study for large-scale conveyor system monitoring for the first time

The Schmersal Group will be showcasing the new HDS switchgear series at SOLIDS 2020, specially designed for the requirements of the bulk materials industry. The Heavy Duty Switch (HDS) unites a range of functions into a single platform, making it suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. In addition, the HDS platform has a range of international approvals, including CE, UL, CCC, (EAC, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO in progress).

The basis of the new platform is the standardised enclosure concept, which is available in two

versions: plastic (Duroplast) and grey cast iron. The plastic version is resistant to aggressive media and especially suitable in port logistics applications and loading and unloading operations, as well as in the agricultural industry in the processing of fertilisers, minerals and phosphates. The robust grey cast iron version is suitable for uses including the mining of heavy metallic ores in opencast mines, bulk materials and extraction.

The function range is also divided into two basic versions: the emergency-stop, designed as a

pull-wire switch, and the position monitor. The basic switch – ‘Position Control’ – can be flexibly combined with a range of actuating elements and can be used for position monitoring on moving machinery and plant parts.

An additional advantage of the HDS platform is that all basic versions have been prepared for use

with an optional Dupline 2 wire bus and can be directly connected, allowing the switches to be quickly and easily connected and integrated in series. The Dupline Standard or Dupline Safety 2 wire bus is ideal for reliable signal transmission over wide distances.

Cloud study for monitoring conveyor systems

‘At SOLIDS 2020, we will be showcasing a first cloud study for monitoring of our switchgear on conveyor systems. Our emergency-stop and belt alignment switches are equipped with a WLAN beacon so that all switching operations are transmitted to the cloud. They can then be monitored in real time and online using a web browser or PC or smartphone,’ explains Udo Skin, heavy industry manager at Schmersal.

The Schmersal Group offers complete solutions for conveyor technology, all from a single source,

offering not only personal protection but also process protection on conveyor systems as well as real-time quality control of bulk materials during conveyor operation.

Users in the mining industry, cement and steel industries and bulk materials and agricultural

industries can take advantage of Schmersal’s integrated systems and solutions wherever they are in the world, plus a range of consultancy and other associated services.

Visit Schmersal from 24 to 25 June 2020 at SOLIDS in Dortmund, Germany, Hall 5, Stand K 22

Schmersal UK Ltd 01684571980



request return refunds without a second thought. Although it doesn’t have to be, it’s difficult for many companies to keep up with this momentum. Often, we see those that are just launching their e- commerce sales channel or considering expanding struggling with intralogistics.

Internally, companies are suffering from obstacles including warehouse space, accuracy, labour

problems and theft. Externally, consumer loyalty may be impacted as a result of delivering incorrect orders, letting down shipping expectations and not having the capabilities to manage personalisation or global shipping.

When B2B warehouses can’t deliver as promised, chaos is the result. Suppliers are left looking

foolish and without the goods they need. Construction crews without materials…hospitals without supplies…car dealers without prime shopping week inventory: multiple layers of supplier disappointment and revenue impact can occur. On the B2C side, what’s worse than ordering a birthday gift online to have it arrive late and in the wrong colour? It is guaranteed that person will be telling all of their friends about the poor experience - and the retailer’s name!

According to Statista, the global e-commerce market is expected to grow by 8.9 percent annually

until 2023. How does your business fit into this growth and will your warehouse operations help you reach your goals? Is your e-commerce channel just starting to grow? Are you out of warehouse space with your current set-up? Have there been some bumps along the way?

According to Mark Dunaway, Kardex Remstar’s North American President Finance and Administration,

“Over the next 5-10 years, the industry is going to see more automation with advanced capabilities, and with a much heavier reliance on automation and robotics. In fact, we think it will begin to grow even faster than demand for storage and retrieval equipment has. The idea of a “dark building,” where robotics and automation run autonomously 24/7, is definitely making headway.” As companies transition to automated warehouse systems, the intralogistics industry will also change and grow. It’s important to research and evaluate the best solution and find a reliable intralogistics partner.”

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