Look for the ‘Swoop’ to guarantee a trusted kitemarked genuine JSP Bump cap

The HardCap™ A1+ bump caps are widely recognised – look for the distinctive swoop to guarantee you are purchasing a genuine JSP Product. This distinctive ‘Swoop’ shape and positioning on JSP Limited’s HardCap™ A1+ bump cap is highly recognisable as a Badge of Origin of the JSP quality product.The popular HardCap™ A1+ from JSP is a robust full shell Bump Cap which for over a decade has offered multiple mainstream and specialist options with peak lengths of 2.5cm, 5cm or 7cm. It is designed to be worn in work environments where there is a risk of impact to the front, top and also scrapes to the side of the head from stationary objects. The unique angled adjuster designed to fit under the occipital bone at the rear of the skull means

that one size really does fit comfortable and securely. The padded castellated protective liner is removable, so the cap is machine-washable for hygiene purposes.


Unigloves creates new global identity

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of Unigloves' website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. Unigloves' new brand assets include a simplified, single-colour logo, along with a new tagline – ‘KEEPING YOU SAFE’. Wider visual elements will seek to convey the advanced technologies used to manufacture and supply the company's growing product portfolio. The company – which operates three manufacturing plants and six international trade centres across

five continents – has created the new unified global brand which all aspects of the business will now operate under. With a capacity to manufacture 3.2 billion pairs annually, Unigloves distributes its range of single use

gloves to more than 50 countries, covering a wide range of industry sectors – from medical and food manufacture through to automotive, engineering and industrial sectors.

Unigloves 08000496602

RK Height Adjustable Monitor Floor Stand

With the new height adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its monitor mounting product range to include a robust ergonomic standing workstation for industry which can be set up quickly and is much more economical than complex workstations. The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a

stable triple column system on a black powder coated base frame. The position can be easily adjusted by hand and has an adjustment stroke of 400mm. The standard version of the stand has feet (steering rollers

optional) and a rotary flange connecting plate. Pre-assembled modules are supplied for quick and easy set-up. The stand can also be combined with all available RK monitor holding components.

RK Rose+Krieger

Rail Dependent Storage & Retrieval Safety Requirements

EN 528:2008 Standard Insights

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) systems are an application for Fortress driven by machine standards.

EN528 Rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment - Safety requirements includes the following points: 5.3.2 Prevention of Unauthorised Operation

A key operated switch shall be fitted to the control panel of each machine to prevent authorized operation. It shall only be possible to remove the key in the ‘off’ position.

This key allows operator control for commissioning or fault finding. Enclosure. Doors And/Or Removable Panels Doors shall be constructed so that they can be opened from the outside with a key. The keys shall be the same key for the switches in 5.3.2.

Fortress Interlocks 01902349060

Pregis receives ISSC accreditation for air cushioning product line

Pregis, a leading protective packaging materials and automated systems manufacturer, has received an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) for air cushioning produced in its Heerlen facility in The Netherlands. ISCC PLUS is an EU-based, leading global certification system that

supports the implementation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable production in global supply chains. It covers all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes and residues, circular materials and renewables. Pregis’ void fill air cushioning, made on its MINI PAK’R®

machines, is ISCC PLUS certified according to a mass balance approach. The “circular economy” certification means that the raw materials used to make the air cushioning come from other ISCC chain of custody members and are traceable. “We are proud to have a highly-regarded, third-party organisation confirm that our air cushion product line has a minimum share of

Pregis Ltd 01438740649


50% (mass balance basis) from a second-generation renewable source. In our case, this is natural waste from trees. The content we use is not suitable for consumption, and therefore does not impact the food chain, as is the case with starch-, corn- or grain-based materials,” said Johan Kennis, product director, Pregis. This latest environmental accreditation effort by Pregis represents

another example of the company’s efforts to support a circular economy by creating the highest quality products, while maximising recycled content and reducing raw material dependence. “Our corporate social responsibility approach informs most

decisions we make throughout the organisation, and indeed is reflected by our commitment to include recycled content in all of the air pillows we produce.”


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