TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Hellberg SAFE Face Protection

Hellberg Safety specialist PPE products include highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal wellbeing on site. Hellberg’s SAFE face protection range

offers visor solutions to suit a variety of different internal and external work environments. With a standard product design across all the products, the visors and carriers can be combined with hearing protectors and safety helmets for more complete solutions, or be used as individual visor solutions. These stylish products give you a multiple options that all fit perfectly together. Choose one of our

ready-made combinations, or select your own combination of carrier, visor and hearing protector. Everything is really well made, comfortable to wear and delivers superb, practical protection for the hazards you’re likely to face - whatever job you’re doing.

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QTMB grommet: One size fits all!

icotek presents its first split multi-range grommets QTMB. At the same time, the company is also presenting new sizes for the screwless pre-assembled cable entry Kel-Quick. The new QTMB grommet enables the entry of pre-terminated cables into the Kel-Quick system from icotek. The highlight is the flexibility of the grommets, which is up to three mm. The variable clamping range makes the QTMB very interesting if the exact cable diameter is not yet known. The wave cut ensures a greater seal. For the first time even larger cables with clamping ranges up to 23 mm can be inserted thanks to the new QTMB grommet.

Cover a clamping Area of 14-23 mm with just four grommets Four different sizes of the multi-range grommets cover a clamping range from 14 to 23 mm and can ideally be combined with the new Kel-Quick sizes. The frames of the Quick series can be locked and, therefore, assembled without screws. There are five new versions of the Kel-Quick frames. The QTMB grommets and the Kel-Quick entry frames have an IP54 protection degree. An increased strain relief can be achieved by bundling them with a cable tie. The new products and free samples are now available from the manufacturer.

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What's the real cost of pressure vessel repair?

Whether you’re looking at a multiple tube repair or furnace section replacement, the costs associated with pressure vessel repair – certified materials, coded welders, insurer-appointed NDT inspectors, acid cleaning, refractory replacement and even boiler hire – can begin to spiral and run into tens of thousands. And all this before you take into account the financial impact from the boiler/process downtime. So, if you’re specifying/replacing steam raising plant, don’t

just consider the initial capital costs but look at the bigger picture, such as the design of a steam boiler and the potential risks from boiler/process downtime. Unlike conventional vertical and horizontal shell and tube

boilers, Fulton’s VSRT utilises a floating, self-compensating heat exchanger design that eliminates thermal shock risk. Factor in no tubes or refractory and the probability of a costly repair is greatly reduced.

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HARTING have consistently been at the cutting edge of new technological developments across a range of industries, developing innovative new solutions for flexible production and miniaturised products.

The newest addition to the Han® portfolio is the Han®

F+B, a range

specially designed for food and drink production areas. As hygiene and safety are key considerations, all hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated, so the connections are fully resistant to the water jets used to clean equipment.

They have large nooks and surfaces

in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), which allows cleaning agents to flow unhindered. The range is also Ecolab approved, meaning it is resistant to highly aggressive cleaning agents.

Another key trend within industry is that of miniaturisation. Machinery and equipment are becoming smaller, so HARTING has responded by producing the Han® 1A, a compact interface for the transmission

of data, power and signals. It employs a system of modular inserts, making it extremely versatile and an efficient solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as control terminals and drives.

HARTING’s miniaturised solutions don’t stop with the 1A; the ix Industrial® is a robust replacement

for the RJ45 with a 70% smaller PCB socket which combines both power and data transmission into a single interface.

At the cutting-edge of new product development, HARTING have developed the T1 Industrial, an IEC

63171-6 standardised industrial interface for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE). The factory of the future will require high data streams and the T1 Industrial brings Ethernet from the cloud to every sensor, thus enabling Industry 4.0.

Smart factories and Industry 4.0 can bring many benefits to businesses. Predictive maintenance,

energy monitoring and real-time data from the shop floor all help manufacturers to improve their facilities.

To function efficiently, these factories rely on a steady stream of information, so the ability to gather

and analyse data and transfer it to a management system is vital. HARTING’s solution is the MICA (Modular Industry Computer Architecture), a compact industrial edge computer.

MICA allows manufacturers to unlock information from machines and combine it with production

figures to generate valuable real-time data. This information gives the user a much better understanding of what’s happening on the shop floor and allows them to develop efficient production and maintenance strategies.

In addition, HARTING have a range of versatile UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products,

which includes securely encrypted RFID transponders and antennae which can be used to create reading zones in stores.


HARTING showcase their latest industry innovations

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