Precision Weigh Modules and Load Cells With Global Approvals and Standards

Weigh module users are under an increasing amount of pressure to improve the efficiency, quality and safety of their production. METTLER TOLEDO has designed a series of weigh

modules and load cells to significantly improve accuracy during manufacturing. Weighing anything from 3kg up to 300 tones, they are suited to a variety of applications. Used to convert almost any structure into a scale,

adding a system of weigh modules to tanks, vessels, silos and hoppers, enables you to weigh the contents accurately and reliable. All weigh modules and load cells are provided with the

required global approvals and standards, thus simplifying global business conduct and order processing. OEM's can have the satisfaction of knowing they are complaint, when sending parts to their clients across the world.

Mettler-Toledo Ltd 01162357070

Stertil fast-action doors provide sweet access solution

A leading food and confectionery manufacturer relies upon a pair of Stertil FlexiEdge fast-action doors to provide access to a fork truck drivers training facility within its manufacturing and distribution complex in York. Stertil’s FlexiEdge range comprises 16 models

including internal and external doors, all-weather doors, cleanroom and freezer/coldroom doors plus emergency exit doors. Standard models are available in widths up to 11 metres and heights of 5.5 metres whilst bespoke and special sizes may be specified. The door curtain is fully flexible with a soft bottom

edge which self-adjusts to seal on an uneven floor and eliminates any possibility of causing injury to users. In addition, the incorporation of an infra-red photocell, fitted 300mm above floor level, supported by a bottom edge wireless detector ensures instant halting of all door movement in the event of sensing an obstruction.

Stertil Door Products 08707700471

Hart completes more Nissan work

Hart Door Systems, the leading designer and manufacturer of both commercial doors and industrial doors, has completed a major contract for a range of doors and shutters at Nissan Manufacturing UK’s car plant, Sunderland.

Working with Unipress and Sir Robert McAlpine, the contract

involved installing new doors and shutters and removing other doors in what was an active manufacturing environment.

In all seven Hart Speedor Storms were installed and a range of shutters both fire and insulated. The completion of this contract continues the excellent relationship with Nissan with some 200 Hart doors now on site.

A Hart spokesman says the manufacturing environment at Nissan is “a good platform to demonstrate Hart’s doors’

Hart Doors 01912140404


robustness and reliability” adding that Hart has been supplying a range of doors for over 30 years with Hart accounting for around 90% of all doors on site.

From its own office and manufacturing facility in

Newcastle upon Tyne, Hart designs and manufactures its industrial door systems for a very wide range of sectors, often requiring bespoke solutions. This is a customer- friendly and highly innovative company.

TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Exporta Launches New Entry Level

Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box from at an amazing price

Exporta have expanded their collapsible pallet box range with the addition of a brand-new entry model version of their extremely successful Hercules box. The Hercules pallet box is unrivalled in the pallet box world due to its unique design than overcomes the design faults and weak spots that other collapsible pallet boxes on the market are prone to. The Hercules Box is also designed to be compatible with other popular pallet boxes on the market so they can stack when open or closed. This makes it versatile and robust which is what is needed in a continual use pool scenario. The new version comes in both Standard pallets size (1200mmx1000mm) and Euro Pallet sizes (1200mmx800mm) and low sides of 805mm and 800mm respectively.

Exporta Global 08083018121

Sealing elements for maximized cable packing density

Developing the KDS-DES sealing elements for unassembled cables, CONTA-CLIP has transferred the simple cable entry principle of its KES system to its KDS cable feedthrough system: to insert a cable, the membrane of this, newest sealing element is first pierced at the marked center, whereupon the cable can be pushed through the selected channel. The design based on the proven KES system ensures reliable sealing

according to the degree of protection IP64. The KDS-DES variants currently available accommodate up to eight cables, depending on the cable diameter, which can range between 4.5 mm and 10.5 mm. Despite the high packing density, KDS-DES sealing elements are compatible with almost all KDS solutions. Like those, they are pressed into the frame openings for installation from the inside. Their conical shape allows for easy insertion and reliable sealing of gaps.


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