Detachable Holster Pockets In Snickers’ New LiteWork Stretch Trousers

Snickers Workwear’s hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs give plenty of scope for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. Designed for a wide variety of jobs on site, these LiteWork 4-way stretch work trousers are the ideal choice if you’re working hard in warmer weather. For maximum flexibility in getting work done, these new

Trousers feature detachable holster pockets while the trousers themselves are made from full-stretch material for maximum mobility wherever you’re working while the Cordura®


Kneeguard™ pockets offer additional comfort and protection. For maximum functionality there’s also ruler, and cargo pockets for easy access to tools and fixings. They’re all Cordura® reinforced

for durability. So check out these newest designs – the optimal choice for craftsmen and women who need to get the job done quickly efficiently on site.

Hultafors Group UK Ltd 01484854788

New IO-Link level controllers from EGE

EGE introduces a new generation of level controllers with guided microwave: the MFN series sensors feature an IO-Link interface and thereby enable continuous access of PLCs to process and parameterization data. Using a corresponding master, the level controllers can be connected to any common bus system and conveniently parameterized via PC or notebook. The guided microwave measuring principle ensures

high reliability due to its insensitivity to external influences such as temperature, pressure, or density. It provides for precise measurements in liquids such as water, oil, and emulsions as well as in viscous media. MFN sensors stand out due to their particularly short reaction times in case of level changes. Their display units can be configured to show the measured level in mm, cm, inch, liter, or percent.


New White Paper explores role

of next generation fuses in protecting battery systems and preventing EV fires

Sensata Technologies, one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensor solutions, industrial controls, power management, and electrical protection, has launched a new white paper – How the GigaFuse Helps Maximize Safety in Advanced Battery Systems. Advanced battery systems need advanced

circuit protection solutions for a variety of reasons - ranging from improving battery safety and performance to encouraging greater market acceptance of Electrical Vehicles (EVs). “The high current levels and power densities in next-generation battery systems demand equally

high-performance, highly precise safety components,” writes Sensata’s Markus Beck, the White Paper’s author. “If the safety systems do not work quickly and reliably, the entire battery system can suffer a catastrophic failure that could seriously impact the product and its user.”

Sensata Technologies


Schmersal UK Ltd 01684571980

The Schmersal Group will be showcasing its Safety Fieldbox with PROFINET/PROFIsafe field bus interface at interpack 2020, the new safety solution designed specifically for the packaging industry.

With its sometimes complex processing and production systems, the packaging industry has high demands when it comes to safety technology, which must help to facilitate system flexibility, efficiency, availability and connectivity. The Safety Fieldbox is a simple, inexpensive installation solution which provides highly flexible, individually configurable safety solutions for complex machines and systems, as well as transmission of diagnostics and status information.

The 8-pin M12-connector universal device interface enables connectivity with a wide range of safety

switchgear devices, including electronic and electro-mechanical safety interlocks, sensors, control panels, light curtains and switches.

This allows for numerous combinations, and enables the Safety Fieldbox to cover typical safety

concepts that are usually used on multi-part, modular packaging systems: two or three safety switchgear devices or interlocks may be used for safety door or maintenance hatch position monitoring for example, or a safety light curtain may be installed for area protection at a workstation.

Similarly, a control panel with emergency-stop button may be connected to the superior safety

control system via the Safety Fieldbox. Using the M12 power connector to supply the Safety Fieldbox means that, depending on switchgear type and current consumption, up to ten Safety Fieldboxes can be connected in series with 80 devices.

The integrated digital output at every 8-pin connector slot on the Safety Fieldbox allows the

diagnostics signals of all connected safety switchgear to be evaluated, leading to greater process transparency and fault-free machine operation.

A wide range of operating data can be collected, transmitted and evaluated to help identify

irregularities and enable early intervention in the event of a malfunction. All of this makes the Safety Fieldbox an important module in systems for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Visit Schmersal from 7 to 13 May 2020 at interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, Hall 18, Stand D15

TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION interpack 2020:

Safety Fieldbox enables new and flexible safety solutions for the packaging industry

System module for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

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