ADVERTORIALS Fast and resilient rubber repair Henkel’s LOCTITE® polyurethane technology

is highly effective for the running repair of conveyors belts and rubber parts such as liners in mills, pumps, feeding bowls, hoppers and chutes. These adhesive compounds are suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications, even those in the most hostile environments. They are available from highly rigid grades to those that are extremely flexible and now there is a new addition to the range. This latest development is LOCTITE PC

7352, a versatile, two-part, trowelable compound that can be used as a gap filler, repair and sealing paste, coating or even for rebuilding applications. The product rapidly cures at ambient temperature to a tough and resilient adhesive, making it an excellent choice for on-site tasks.

Henkel Ltd 01442278000

Online Courses

RRC is the UK's leading international provider of health & safety and environmental management qualification training, and have over 90 years experience in developing and delivering training worldwide. We offer a wide range of NEBOSH,

IOSH and IEMA courses which can be studied online, in your own home. Online study is a great way to learn, and is ideal for students who prefer a flexible, interactive approach to their learning. You can study online from anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection. Our online courses are structured in a way that fully prepares students to complete and pass their

assessments confidently. We offer flexible exam dates for our IOSH and IEMA courses, where candidates can sit their exams online. Gary Fallaize, RRC Managing Director comments: ''Our online courses are structured and designed to

lead you through your studies, covering the course syllabus and ensuring you are fully prepared to complete the end of course assessments. In these uncertain times, it is great to offer such an effective way to study to all of our valued customers around the world"

RRC International 02089443100


Chloros invites Thorworld Industries to ramp up capabilities at new state-of-the-art facility

As part of a recent expansion, Chloros, one of the UK’s fastest growing hazardous waste management companies, has announced its successful installation of specialist Thorworld Industries’ loading equipment, within new, state of the art facilities. Chloros, which was established in 2009, is

run by a highly professional team that uses technical and industry knowledge to deliver the best possible experience to customers whilst operating in a compliant and environmentally sustainable manner. The company has a proven reputation in supplying hazardous waste disposal, removal and recycling services, and successfully fulfils waste treatments; the secure destruction of hazardous goods; and safe European and Continental exports of materials for professional recovery. As part of its continuous development and growth, the firm has recently relocated its waste transfer station to larger 43,000 square foot premises in Hartlebury, Worcestershire - creating new jobs.

THORWORLD Industries Ltd 01246260981

Variable Height Welding Benches

Tecmach variable height welding benches are built to meet the needs of precision fabricators who require robust high quality equipment for their efficient manufacturing operation. Operative can change the height of the table to give best access for each part of the welding operation, this assists in maintaining work quality and improve operator health and safety. Being able to close the table to a low height allows safer transfer of the product at beginning and end of operations. Features as standard 10 mm unpainted platform, earth bonding points, flexible conduit over cable and hoses to protect from welding and grinding sparks, platform safety ledge and hose break valves, hand pendant control. Tecmach can tailor the lift size to the customer requirements. Tecmach variable height welding

benches are based on their proven scissor lift range which are built of quality components for industrial usage. The tables are built to EN 1570, machinery directive and are CE marked.

Tecmach 02392 525603

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation spread the load for Plastic Omnium Plastic Omnium are a global company who remain an independent family-owned business and are committed to delivering first class products in the fast moving and ever-changing automotive environment.

Plastic Omnium wanted to reduce dust contamination and over handling of moulded parts entering paint environments. Excessive handling causes issues at the paint line. Parts could become contaminated with grease and electrostatic issues that attract unwanted particles affecting paint finish quality. L.A.C. Conveyors and Automation were approached to develop a conveying system that would reduce

manual handling of moulds to a minimum. L.A.C.’s in-house design team subsequent solution allowed for parts to be placed directly from the moulding operation onto a 2000mm wide, 12000mm long, PVC belt conveyor, built in two tiers. Each tier conveys left and right-hand parts to the paint workshop. The conveyor is indexed forward by the loading operator pressing a button to move the conveyor along. A brush strip keeps the belt surface clean during operation, helping to reduce contamination of parts

destined for painting. The conveyor was also designed in a way that allows for the customer to bolt-on a system that helps remove static electricity. Mounting the conveyor on castors assists cleaning and maintenance. A full F.A.T. was provided at L.A.C.’s Nottingham factory and L.A.C.’s engineers installed the conveyor during a planned shutdown, ensuring the customers production processes were unaffected.

L.A.C. Conveyors & Automation 01159753300

48 MARCH 2020 | FACTORY&HANDLINGSOLUTIONS Vladimir Basarovski Plant Manufacturing Engineer said: “Again, as usual, thanks for your support and for

the professionalism of your team that attended the site.” This unique design has led to minimal handling of moulded parts and is delivering significant cost savings.

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