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Brand new built-in from Belling

In a diffi cult climate, the built-in sector is one which has held its own, demonstrating sustained growth and offering potential rewards to those retailers with the right product offering. Alex Hinton, Head of Built-in at Belling, looks at the latest products on the market and how retailers can unlock those all-important sales opportunities


Q: Why built-in? Alex Hinton: Built-in appliances offer the perfect combination of functionality and style, whilst preserving that all-important square footage. However, the seamless unobtrusive design that makes built-in so attractive can also be the very thing that makes it a challenge for consumers in the busy retail environment, as they struggle to differentiate one product from another.

Q: So, how can retailers help match the right consumer to the right product? AH: Ask your customer as many questions as you can. What kind of cook are they? Is it all about convenience or do they regularly bake showstoppers? What’s their pain point? A busy lifestyle? Cleaning the oven? The answers will enable you not only to match the right product to the right consumer, but also to encourage them to ‘trade up’ on specification where appropriate. If cleaning the oven is their most dreaded chore, then why not take the step up from catalytic liners to fully pyrolytic?

Q: What have been the biggest developments in built-in that are driving sales? AH: One of the biggest shifts to take place in the

built-in sector is in capacity. The average litre capacity of most best-selling 60cm single built-in ovens was previously 59 litres. However, 70 litres is fast becoming an expected prerequisite in the UK market and all of Belling’s newest single ovens will feature a minimum

73 litre capacity as standard. Many consumers will be unaware that there has been such a big shift in capacity. In fact, size might be the very thing that has stopped some from purchasing built-in previously, so it’s a great feature to highlight. Capacities are also on the increase on double ovens too! Belling’s new 70cm built-in ovens feature 44L + 59L capacity cavities and the 90cm built- in ovens boast 44L and 80L gross capacity.

Q: What are the functions that are helping to convert consumers to built-in or encouraging them to trade up? AH: Even the most accomplished chef wants their appliance to be easy to use. Alongside an array of multifunction offerings, Belling’s built-in appliances feature improved features such as pyrolytic functionality,


The Belling BI602FP STA built-in single oven, packing a punch with an impressive 73 litre capacity

Boasting an impressive 15 oven functions, the BEL BI602MFPY Sta comes with pyrolytic cleaning technology, soft close doors and a touch control timer

close doors and the brand’s

patented Zeus, a smart connected timer application. Zeus is easy to operate via an app that is free to download on Android and iOS and allows the oven timer to be controlled by smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection.

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